Come NPC!

Broke, but still want to play?

Events are ALWAYS looking for NPCs (non-player characters) to help tell stories, set stages, and get beaten down by your fellow man. You presence helps breathe life in Underworld and make it even more realistic to the players.

The most important part: it’s FREE for you to NPC, and you can earn blankets towards other characters as you do so!

If you want to NPC for an event, you can do so through the database. If you happen to have special skills, contacting will get the Shapers in the know that you’re available to help in a unique way.

Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: The Naughty List

Top of the season to you all!

The time of High Winter is upon you again! We have seen that you have created a doorway to our world. While we are overjoyed that you choose to connect with us, it appears that you have inadvertently released a terrible ancient evil. To compound matters, you have a pesky block of ice plugging up the way into our realm.

Fear not! The Cane-Clave sees that your intentions were good. Certainly all you wished to do was immerse yourselves in High Winter festivities all year round! Sadly, the ancient evil is already causing problems in both our worlds. As well as your intentions may have been, this monster was put away long before Nikolai and Lord Frost became the annoyances that they are.

You simply MUST gather at the nearby Emporium and Tavern on the 3rd of December. High Hooplah Pooblah, Pennyroyal of The Green Spire, will meet you there to provide assistance as you clean up your mess. We know you all want to do the right thing and set things right.

Arvensis Mentha
High Hooplah Pooblah of The Red Spire


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Cheap Costume Tutorial: Fairy/Insect Wings

For those of you who want to costume up for the upcoming Jericho game (TL;DR: you can play a monster) but aren’t very good at the costuming bit, here are some instructions to get you on your way. These tutorials are designed for someone with minimal or no sewing experience and done on a budget.

In this tutorial I’ll be explaining how to make wings for the fairy (fae) template. This is also applicable to the brood (insect) template, and with a bit of extra cutting, the angel and drake templates. You should be able to at least hand sew to complete this.


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