Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: Fundamental Fracture

Child, stare into the flame with me. Witness the power it has to change.

We have removed the impurities from the clay and worked it to form. We must now place it within the inferno to temper it.

See how the blaze of the crucible refines the clay, extracts the moisture and leaves only the solid stone. Place the work within and see it harden.

Be weary though, too much heat and the clay will fracture. You must be vigilant and watch. As is true in battle it is here as well. At the first sign of a break you must act. Reach into the flame and retrieve your prize. The culmination of your work now rests in your hands. Cherish it and give praise to your ancestors for they have lead you here.


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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: In Die Vindicta

The children have come home. The Pony man, whom had held them captive has also been captured and interned within the TrI Lock Seal. The Mahrt, prisoner of the Asylum Heretica, king of nightmares. Jericho can sleep easy knowing that our dreams are safe from him, even if a dream is but a reflection of our waking life.

What horror do we face day to day that cause these terrors to manifest while we sleep?

Many things cause anxiety to the citizens of Jericho. The remaining prisoners. The band of Rathenoch followers who have seen fit to purge all divinity from the town. The very ground rising up and moving to consume us. And so many personal demons, waiting for us to close our eyes as we lay our heads down to sleep.

Every shadow in this town seems to contain some bristling aberration ready to bring swift death, literally and figuratively. What if it is the very shadow that we must fear? That dark abyss – where in absence – that which is indefinite grows and is given form. The ticking of the clock continues as the days grow shorter and the night begins to overtake us. What we must truly face in the long darkness to come is but ourselves, now.

An old enemy of Jericho named Rhademia Ka’tath once said – “Your nightmares will follow you like a shadow, forever”. We have shadows to face, Jericho. The Avians know this well. For Jericho, lurking within them are foes both new and old – and some who we considered our allies.

Won’t you join us?

in die vindicta
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Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: One Horse Town

one horse town

Jericho – The Wood Fae have been freed. The isle of Melinda retaken. Ga’More beaten back. You unwake from this dream of victory into nightmare. A terrible presence lurks beneath while the dark, unknown forest threatens to overtake you. The branches reach out, grabbing you like the hands of prisoners sentenced to death. Orange eyes peak out at you from the darkness and their presence causes rot within all that you see. The presence of great forces moving, armies marching towards obliteration, is felt through your feet. They are far now but you know they approach and will be here soon. The only sound, that of children sobbing in the distance. You know not which source of death will reach you first. All you can do is wait.

Now when all hope is lost a lone figure appears in the gloom. A horse? No, the body of a man. His fur is fire and it lights the gloom, beating it away the terrors of the night. Perhaps there is hope. The man reaches you and extends a hand. You reach for it with small arms and grasp with your little strength.


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A Gathering of Fleets

Friday July 29, 2258

You are all brought onto your respective ships, in your respective factions. As Whiteraven Alliance and Empire elite you are given food, water and prepped for the upcoming battle. The officers in charge of your marine unit inform you that you are the reserve force. The regular full time soldiers should be doing most of the fighting and, if all goes well, you won’t be needed at all. You however, the strong and brave adventurers of Maud’madir, know better. Still, you listen to your superiors as your fleets near their destination: The infested and conquered isle of Melinda. Home to the enslaved race of Wood Fae, their dominated Firstborn dragon, and the timelocked God, Ga’more.

Stillness breaks the gentle waters a few short kilometers off the southern shores of Melinda. From the East, a massive fleet of fast Duvianian ships bearing the flag of the Whiteraven Alliance. Their flagship war galleon “Independence”, sailing at her lead. From the West, an expansive fleet of slow but heavily armoured battleships and war vessels move into position with the Emperor’s own juggernaut class warship “Loyalty” at the forefront. As the two armadas take sight of each other, they begin to prepare for battle. Fate, however, has other plans. A loud whistle from the shoreline draws the attention of both factions. A glowing green glob of acidic energy takes flight from the distance shores and moves with speed and force through the air. It lands with a heavy impact, shaking the waters and those that sail on them. The Whiteraven galleon which it strikes is dissolved in an instant. Alarms flare up on both fleets as a new challenger approaches. Brood, by the tens of thousands, take the sea and air. Both fleets quickly put history behind them and move together for safety in numbers.

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