Sweat Magazine Video November 2012

Victoria Brown from Sweat Magazine covered one of our events on video!


Custom Armour at Midnight Armory


Midnight Armory specializes in custom fit, custom made armor. All of their creations are made to your measurements. Unlike many online vendors, and many of their competitors, they make things to fit you, and fit you well. Midnight Armory has provided armour, accessories and props to a large number of Underworld players and they have a merchandise table at log during events. All of their work is guaranteed for one year from purchase date (however, dog / pet damage and neglect are not covered).

MA can make your character concept a reality. They specialize in working from pictures and sketches to make your costume as unique and original as possible. From simple and functional to elaborate and detailed, they make quality armour and costuming.

Why choose MA over various online vendors?
Not only are their pieces custom fit and unique, MA are local and run by long time Underworld players. Online vendors generally do not make custom pieces. The ones that do are usually more expensive. The ones who dramatically beat MA prices are usually shipping either direct from India or China. If  you want personalized armour, quality armour, unique armour, and armour that fits well, then they are hands down better than any online vendor.

How to order:

Standard policy for all custom orders is as follows:
1) Interview: via email or in person.
Outline your basic idea and / or provide a sketch or a picture of what you want created.

2) Measurements:
You will receive a list of required measurements, or you can arrange to be measured in person.

3) Pricing:
You will receive a final price, and then you must forward 50% of the final agreed upon price as a deposit.
MA will make your piece, based on a first come first serve basis. They will always give you a turn over time, so you know how long your wait will be.

The only additional charges will be for changes as per your request. If you send a picture, pay a deposit, and then change your mind after production has been started,  you will be billed for this change. Minor changes are generally not a problem, but may also have minor charges to cover extra time and material.

MA will deliver at scheduled time. You must then pay the remaining balance as well as the cost of any agreed upon extras in full. If you default on payment, and fail to contact MA within 2 weeks of the delivery date, your deposit is void and your item will be resold.

CONTACT: midnightarmory@gmail.com

All prices are starting points, more complicated and intricate pieces will cost more than listed prices. This means that extraordinary tooling, air brushing, fluting and that sort of thing cost more. What they consider a normal amount of detail is included in every price below.




Leather starts @ $50 per pair
Studded leather starts @ $60 per pair
Banded Plate on Leather starts @ $80 per pair
Plate with Leather hinge starts @ $100 per pair


Mild Satin Finish Single $25, Pair $40
Mirrored Finish or Blackened Finish Single $30, pair $50
Solid Brass add $20 to above prices

Clamshell Gauntlets
Mild Satin Finish $170 per pair
Mirrored Finish or Blackened Finish $180 per pair



Leather starts @ $70
Leather and plate starts @ $100
Plate starts @ $90

Cuisse, Upper Leg

Mild Satin Finish $120 per pair
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $130 per pair
Solid Brass add $60 to above price


Leather Gorgette starts @ $50

Brigande Gorgette
Mild Satin Finish $70
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $80
Brass add $30 to above price

Leather and Steel full collar Gorgette starts @ $120

Two Piece Steel Gorgette
Mild Satin Finish $120
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $130
Solid Brass add $80 to above price


Leather Shoulders start @ $90 per pair

Plate Shoulders
Mild Satin Finish $120 per pair
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $130 per pair
Solid Brass add $100 to above price


Leather Helm starts @ $200

Plate helm starts @ $250

Chest Armour

Mild Satin Finish $110 per pair
Mirrored or Blackened Finish $120 per pair
Solid Brass add $60 to above price

Chest Piece
Leather starts @ $250
Studded Leather starts @ $300
Brigadine starts @ $350
Plate by inquiry only*

16×9 Global News Video November 2011

Many weekends throughout the year, hundreds of LARPers head to a farm field near Peterborough, Ontario to spend the weekend as monsters and mythical creatures, acting out roles that can find them held hostage for ransom or chased by barbarian hordes

Mike Drolest of Global News provides a behind the scenes glance at Underworld LARP plot and players, as they prepare for one of our full weekend events. (He even participates!)

See the full video here!

Underworld LARP on Much Music’s New Music Live, 2012

LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing and people who participate dress up and act out epic storylines and battles! In lieu of Twilight week, Phoebe headed outside of Toronto to Underworld LARP where she learned what LARPing was all about. Phoebe even dresses up herself and LARPs, so check it all out in the videos below!


Toronto Star, February 2011

Elves and warriors and goblins, oh my!

“As often as she can, Jaimy Warner puts on her elf ears, dons armour, grabs her mock sword and heads to a campsite on a farm outside the GTA.

There, the 22-year-old York University student becomes part of a dark, magical world replete with warriors, goblins, Viking-type characters, orcs, farmers, trolls, fairies, politicians, vampires, nobility and more.

She may fend off monster or vampire attacks, steal, wheedle or engage in combat as she interacts all weekend and advances story plots with some of the 100-odd people who are part of a unique town called Jericho.”
Read the full article here.

Arriving on site for the first time, and your first logistics.

1: Arriving on site

Welcome to Underworld,

So you’ve read the rules, put together your costuming, weapons and armor and are excited to experience LARPing for the first time. The following is a quick guide as to what to do once you arrive on site.

Our site officially opens at noon on the first day of an event. If you arrive before 6pm, you should go directly to the main play area to unpack your belongings but keep in mind that you must respect the 15 kph speed limit. If you have a modern tent, you are only allowed to set it up somewhere along the tree line or anywhere you can find room for it in the woods as long as you are not taking the space of an existing camp claimed by an in game group. If you’re lucky enough to have a period looking tent, you are allowed to set it up anywhere in town center but not within 20 feet of the main fire pit.

Once you have all of your belongings unpacked, the parking area is back toward the camp entrance just beyond the final fence line that separates the playing area from the way you came into the site. You will likely see other cars already parked there. No cars are allowed into the playing area after 10pm once the game starts. Vehicles will be allowed back onto the site when the game is called, typically around 2pm on Sunday.

Please note that logistics opens at 6pm and if you arrive after 6pm, you are encouraged to go through logistics before unpacking your stuff in order to ensure that no long lineups happen that prevent players from getting into game later in the evening. The sooner you can go through logistics, the better.

2: Logistics

Logistics generally opens at 6pm and closes at about 1am. As mentioned earlier, the game officially starts at 10pm.

Hopefully you will have already pre-registered with logistics and your character information will have already been printed. Pre-registered players always have the right to cut ahead of the line and players who have not pre-registered will always be bumped to the end of the line until there are no more pre-registered players waiting to go through logistics.

As a new player on your first event, you will not receive any tags for your weapons, armor or spell book. This is done to protect you from losing your equipment at your first game and because you will have the option to completely change your character at your second event. You will however be given your starting money which is 1 gold and 1 silver. It’s your responsibility to ensure that logistics gives you this starting money.

If you have any armor or weapons, you will need to have them safety checked by a weapon/armor marshal. There will always be a safety check station next to logistics so you can have your equipment checked before or after going through logistics. If you are found using weapons that have not been safetied, they will be removed from play and kept at NPC camp. If you are found to be a repeat offender, using unsafe weapons more than once, you will risk being banned from the game. At the same time as having your weapons checked, you will have the in game protective value of your armor evaluated. Your armor has to be worn on your body to best evaluated and as a new player, you will be allowed to use up to 30 in game points of armor regardless of if you brought more than 30 points worth of real armor. If you do have more than 30 points worth of real armor, you will just have to buy the rest of the points in game which you will probably not find too difficult within a game or two of first playing. It is always best to have your weapons and armour checked before going through log, that way Logistics will be able to record the value of your armour on your character card, and you will not have to stand in the Logistics line twice.

On your second game, you will receive In Game (IG) tags for your weapons, armour, spell books, and anything that your character can start with. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that they have everything needed in the character envelope before leaving the Logisitics area. Once you leave the Logistics area, there is nothing Log can do to replace missing tags.

Finally, we encourage new players to play some kind of fighting class at their first event because spell casters and other non-combatants will often find themselves with little to do after expending their first few spells. Being a fighting class at your first event will also allow you to more easily engage with the game without having to understand the complexities of the rules as much.

Introducing the Photo Ninjas!

photo by Pat, editing by Sierra
taken at the 2012 Masquerade Ball

Sierra  and Pat are our resident photographers (a.k.a Photo Ninjas) and are usually behind the scenes capturing our events without us noticing. They take care not to break the immersion of our game environment (so don’t expect to have a camera stuck in your face!) with incredible results.

You can see their current image galleries here.

Older images (early 2010 season) are archived here.

LARP Talk: UW Glossary

Some of the terms you might come across…

Battle Magic – Any magic up to, and including, 9th level spells. Spells are represented by “spell packets” made of cloth filled with birdseed.

Blanket – Set of Character Points (“CP”) given to your character. You receive a Blanket at the beginning of each event, and can earn more through RP awards, showing up to game, or donations.

Boffer Weapon – Padded weapon used for combat at Underworld.

Build – Points available that you can use to “build” your character with from the Skill Cost Charts. Also known as Character Points.

Character Points (CP) – Points available that you can use to “build” your character with from the Skills Cost Charts. Also known as Build.

Class – One of 9 available classes to play at game.

Final Death (Final) – Every character is allowed two “free” deaths, with the opportunity to resurrect after death. Once these free deaths are used up, each time you die you have a 50% chance of dying permanently. We call this “Final Death”. This is usually determined by flipping a coin (“flipping”).

Flipping – The coin flip which determines if your character “finals”. If the flip is successful, the body then dissipates and the character’s spirit resurrects. If the flip fails, the body remains and the death is permanent.

FOIG – Find Out In Game, the information you want to access can be found in-game

Formal Magic – All magic that is 10th level and above.

Frag (Soul Fragment) – an out-of-game (“OOG”) currency that allows players access to OOG and in-game (“IG”) bonuses. Frags are obtained by playing at events, and through donations.

IC – In Character

IG – In Game

LARP – Live Action Role Playing

Log (Logistics) – Where your character information is registered and updated at each event.

Mod – Module. Think of these as quests, or challenges for the player characters to complete.

NPC – Non-Player Characters created by Plot for any number of purposes. These are the cast of characters, and monsters, that Players interact with. You can volunteer to NPC after you’ve played a couple games.

OOC – Out of Character

OOG – Out of Game. Being OOG is signified by holding a hand on top of your head, and / or wearing a White Headband.

Jericho – An IG Term. This is the town in which Underworld primarily takes place in.

PC – Player Characters (also, Paying Customer) created by the people who play the game.

PC-NPC – Player Character who is controlled by Plot, and may act in a  specific role that is needed in the game – such as a king or town healer. These are usually reoccurring characters who are important to a plot.

Plot – The story that is occurring IG. You help create the plot with your character’s actions!

PVC – PVC is the type of piping used for the core of Boffer Weapons, wrapped in foam of course.

Race – Any of the many races to pick from in Underworld. (ie: Savar, Elves)

Racial – Skill available only to specific races, either an advantage or a disadvantage. (ie: Hobling – Dodge, Wild Elf – Body Bonus)

Role-Playing – Assuming the role of the character you’ve created.

Shaper Team (Plot Team) – Those who create Mods for Underworld. Bring them coffee.

Skills Cost Chart – Section in the Rulebook that defines how much a skill will cost for your Class of character.

Socks – See, Socks.

New Players Guide!

Here are a few resources that are essential to those interested in joining our game!

Rulebooks can be viewed / downloaded here.
This is a MUST READ for ALL players! In the rulebook you will learn the basics of LARP and roleplay, as well as information on what races and occupations are available, how to level your character, buy skills, fight in combat, and build armour & weapons. You don’t have to have the entire thing memorized, but it’s a good idea to have a basic grasp of our system of game play before attending your first event.

The Unofficial Guide to Underworld is posted on our website here. It’s definitely worth a read! This article contains information on what you should bring to your first game, and what to expect when you arrive!

Glossary of “LARP Talk” terms can be found here.

Tips on Creating a Character History can be found in our OOG forum here.

The Underworld Character Builder can aid in creating your build, and is found on our forums here. (Big thanks to Todd  “Jenner” for creating this awesome tool!)

Tutorials are slowly being uploaded onto this blog (here!), but can also be found on our forums.

Want to play a makeup race? Don’t know where to begin? The Makeup FAQ is right over here.

And last, but not least, if you have any further questions – feel free to pop by our Rules forum here!

National Post Article 2011

“Live-action role-playing, a more widespread phenomenon in Europe, has steadily been gaining prominence in Canada, and the co-owners of Underworld LARP believe their organization may now be the largest in the country. Each weekend-long session — there are about eight per year, with a hiatus during the winter months — draws more than 100 participants.”

Read the full article here.