Event: To Hell or High Winter

The horrors of All Hallows starts to fade from the minds of those that were trapped in hell. It is finally over and once again Jericho is safe. Or is it? Stories start to surface from the local farms. Children are startled from their slumber by terrible demonic nightmares. A blood soaked bag full of little bones and heavy black boots that crush tiny skulls. Has Father Nikolai, Jericho’s self proclaimed High Winter nemesis, returned to continue his dastardly work? Or perhaps something more sinister, something that Jericho brought back with them before the portal from hell closed. Only the Ticker of time will tell.

Welcome to the last event of our 2012 season. High Winter is a more festive break after the brutal Halloween event. It’s slightly more tongue in cheek and a little less serous. The Candy Cane lanes will still run with blood but at least you’ll be laughing as you die.

Our downtime events are short, therefore they are not tagged. That means you will not be receiving skill tags, spell tags, etc. Everything is done on the honour system. You still need your physical item tags however. We start log around 10am and game starts around noon. Please do not arrive earlier than that. It takes time for the site owner to move the horses out of the field.

Details: Sunday, December 09, 2012
Start Time: Gates and log open at 10:00 AM, Game starts at noon
Blankets: 1
Cost: $30 ($25 with prelog)

Map can be found here 


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