LARP Talk: UW Glossary

Some of the terms you might come across…

Battle Magic – Any magic up to, and including, 9th level spells. Spells are represented by “spell packets” made of cloth filled with birdseed.

Blanket – Set of Character Points (“CP”) given to your character. You receive a Blanket at the beginning of each event, and can earn more through RP awards, showing up to game, or donations.

Boffer Weapon – Padded weapon used for combat at Underworld.

Build – Points available that you can use to “build” your character with from the Skill Cost Charts. Also known as Character Points.

Character Points (CP) – Points available that you can use to “build” your character with from the Skills Cost Charts. Also known as Build.

Class – One of 9 available classes to play at game.

Final Death (Final) – Every character is allowed two “free” deaths, with the opportunity to resurrect after death. Once these free deaths are used up, each time you die you have a 50% chance of dying permanently. We call this “Final Death”. This is usually determined by flipping a coin (“flipping”).

Flipping – The coin flip which determines if your character “finals”. If the flip is successful, the body then dissipates and the character’s spirit resurrects. If the flip fails, the body remains and the death is permanent.

FOIG – Find Out In Game, the information you want to access can be found in-game

Formal Magic – All magic that is 10th level and above.

Frag (Soul Fragment) – an out-of-game (“OOG”) currency that allows players access to OOG and in-game (“IG”) bonuses. Frags are obtained by playing at events, and through donations.

IC – In Character

IG – In Game

LARP – Live Action Role Playing

Log (Logistics) – Where your character information is registered and updated at each event.

Mod – Module. Think of these as quests, or challenges for the player characters to complete.

NPC – Non-Player Characters created by Plot for any number of purposes. These are the cast of characters, and monsters, that Players interact with. You can volunteer to NPC after you’ve played a couple games.

OOC – Out of Character

OOG – Out of Game. Being OOG is signified by holding a hand on top of your head, and / or wearing a White Headband.

Jericho – An IG Term. This is the town in which Underworld primarily takes place in.

PC – Player Characters (also, Paying Customer) created by the people who play the game.

PC-NPC – Player Character who is controlled by Plot, and may act in a  specific role that is needed in the game – such as a king or town healer. These are usually reoccurring characters who are important to a plot.

Plot – The story that is occurring IG. You help create the plot with your character’s actions!

PVC – PVC is the type of piping used for the core of Boffer Weapons, wrapped in foam of course.

Race – Any of the many races to pick from in Underworld. (ie: Savar, Elves)

Racial – Skill available only to specific races, either an advantage or a disadvantage. (ie: Hobling – Dodge, Wild Elf – Body Bonus)

Role-Playing – Assuming the role of the character you’ve created.

Shaper Team (Plot Team) – Those who create Mods for Underworld. Bring them coffee.

Skills Cost Chart – Section in the Rulebook that defines how much a skill will cost for your Class of character.

Socks – See, Socks.

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