New Players Guide!

Here are a few resources that are essential to those interested in joining our game!

Rulebooks can be viewed / downloaded here.
This is a MUST READ for ALL players! In the rulebook you will learn the basics of LARP and roleplay, as well as information on what races and occupations are available, how to level your character, buy skills, fight in combat, and build armour & weapons. You don’t have to have the entire thing memorized, but it’s a good idea to have a basic grasp of our system of game play before attending your first event.

The Unofficial Guide to Underworld is posted on our website here. It’s definitely worth a read! This article contains information on what you should bring to your first game, and what to expect when you arrive!

Glossary of “LARP Talk” terms can be found here.

Tips on Creating a Character History can be found in our OOG forum here.

The Underworld Character Builder can aid in creating your build, and is found on our forums here. (Big thanks to Todd  “Jenner” for creating this awesome tool!)

Tutorials are slowly being uploaded onto this blog (here!), but can also be found on our forums.

Want to play a makeup race? Don’t know where to begin? The Makeup FAQ is right over here.

And last, but not least, if you have any further questions – feel free to pop by our Rules forum here!


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