Want to write plot? Create your own monsters? Step on up!

Underworld wants you!

We need creative, intelligent and quick thinking people to join our plot team for the 2013 season. We’re looking for 5 to 6 plot members and 1 or 2 monster marshals.

Shaper Team

Shapers (formally plot marshals) weave the tales that you love to play. They write the interactive stories as well as marshal scenes and resolve disputes. A Shapers word is law and we place a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders. It’s important for a Shaper to be creative, fast thinking and have a solid understanding of the rulebook. You job will consists of about 75% writing stories and adventures for pc’s of your choosing and about 25% writing stories and adventures for the Head Shaper (to further the overall plotline). As a Shaper you are rewarded with an additional blanket per event (on top of what is offered) and you may apply up to 75% of them onto your character (so long as you do not exceed the highest level character in game). While the extra blankets are great, the real reward comes from a) giving something back to the game that provides you so much fun and b) creating and writing stories that become legend in the years to come. The admiration and gratitude of the player base is not something one should flippantly cast aside. There is no greater feeling then writing something amazing that people remember and tell stories about 5 years from now. What you do here, as Shapers, becomes permanent etched into the minds and hearts of players forever.

Monster Marshal

A monster marshal’s primary responsibility is the upkeep and safekeeping of the gear. Their job is to ensure that npc camp is kept clean and orderly, that all weapons, props, armour, etc are up to safety standards, and finally to make sure everything is setup/put away before and after each event. They are usually the first one on site and the last one to leave. Aside from that a monster marshal usually provides in-between roles for npc’s when plot is low. This includes small mini adventures (instamods), and sending out crunchies to harass the general populace. In additional to all that they also, if their primary jobs are fulfilled, can help out stating monsters and npc’s for the rest of the Shaper team. A monster marshal, who can fulfill all of those duties, will earn an additional blanket per event. If required a Monster Marshal may pick an assistant to help them out. Rewards for that are decided on a case by case basis.

Both roles are also expected to attend plot meetings between events and attend a majority of events throughout the season. This isn’t to say you cannot miss one or two but your general attendance is obviously required. To further that, if you cannot make an event, for any reason, it is required that you find an alternative person to replace you. If you cannot do the job for an event then you MUST find someone that can cover your responsibilities. Both players and other Shapers are relying on you as a Shaper or MM.

Being on the team is a lot of fun. A LOT of fun, but it is still a responsibility. We ask that if you think you have what it takes to step up, then you please keep it in mind.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know how to run adventures or manage large numbers. We can teach you what you need to know. It’s not as hard as you think. Some of the best Shapers we’ve had have been players who didn’t think they could do it. Don’t underestimate yourself.

Bean (UW Head of Plot) and Dave (Assistant Lead) will go over every applicant over the winter season.

Send applicants to shbe@larp.ca


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