Arriving on site for the first time, and your first logistics.

1: Arriving on site

Welcome to Underworld,

So you’ve read the rules, put together your costuming, weapons and armor and are excited to experience LARPing for the first time. The following is a quick guide as to what to do once you arrive on site.

Our site officially opens at noon on the first day of an event. If you arrive before 6pm, you should go directly to the main play area to unpack your belongings but keep in mind that you must respect the 15 kph speed limit. If you have a modern tent, you are only allowed to set it up somewhere along the tree line or anywhere you can find room for it in the woods as long as you are not taking the space of an existing camp claimed by an in game group. If you’re lucky enough to have a period looking tent, you are allowed to set it up anywhere in town center but not within 20 feet of the main fire pit.

Once you have all of your belongings unpacked, the parking area is back toward the camp entrance just beyond the final fence line that separates the playing area from the way you came into the site. You will likely see other cars already parked there. No cars are allowed into the playing area after 10pm once the game starts. Vehicles will be allowed back onto the site when the game is called, typically around 2pm on Sunday.

Please note that logistics opens at 6pm and if you arrive after 6pm, you are encouraged to go through logistics before unpacking your stuff in order to ensure that no long lineups happen that prevent players from getting into game later in the evening. The sooner you can go through logistics, the better.

2: Logistics

Logistics generally opens at 6pm and closes at about 1am. As mentioned earlier, the game officially starts at 10pm.

Hopefully you will have already pre-registered with logistics and your character information will have already been printed. Pre-registered players always have the right to cut ahead of the line and players who have not pre-registered will always be bumped to the end of the line until there are no more pre-registered players waiting to go through logistics.

As a new player on your first event, you will not receive any tags for your weapons, armor or spell book. This is done to protect you from losing your equipment at your first game and because you will have the option to completely change your character at your second event. You will however be given your starting money which is 1 gold and 1 silver. It’s your responsibility to ensure that logistics gives you this starting money.

If you have any armor or weapons, you will need to have them safety checked by a weapon/armor marshal. There will always be a safety check station next to logistics so you can have your equipment checked before or after going through logistics. If you are found using weapons that have not been safetied, they will be removed from play and kept at NPC camp. If you are found to be a repeat offender, using unsafe weapons more than once, you will risk being banned from the game. At the same time as having your weapons checked, you will have the in game protective value of your armor evaluated. Your armor has to be worn on your body to best evaluated and as a new player, you will be allowed to use up to 30 in game points of armor regardless of if you brought more than 30 points worth of real armor. If you do have more than 30 points worth of real armor, you will just have to buy the rest of the points in game which you will probably not find too difficult within a game or two of first playing. It is always best to have your weapons and armour checked before going through log, that way Logistics will be able to record the value of your armour on your character card, and you will not have to stand in the Logistics line twice.

On your second game, you will receive In Game (IG) tags for your weapons, armour, spell books, and anything that your character can start with. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that they have everything needed in the character envelope before leaving the Logisitics area. Once you leave the Logistics area, there is nothing Log can do to replace missing tags.

Finally, we encourage new players to play some kind of fighting class at their first event because spell casters and other non-combatants will often find themselves with little to do after expending their first few spells. Being a fighting class at your first event will also allow you to more easily engage with the game without having to understand the complexities of the rules as much.

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