Race Profile: Savar

Malnen - photo by Pat and Sierra

The Savar are a matriarchal race of cat-people, appearing as humanoid hunting cats. Deep in the dark forest lays their capital city, Felnir. Their society, ruled by women, views male Savar as second class. It is rare to find a free dominant male Savar and even more rare for him to live for very long. The Savar are a strong, proud race with deep ties to nature and the mysterious Grey Elves. They have recently suffered a catastrophic plague, necromantic in origin, killing many of their people before returning them through undeath. The few that remain now struggle to put to rest their Undead sisters and attempt to rebuild. All this happened (perhaps coincidentally) around the same time as the Fulmination and the disappearance of the mysterious Grey Elves.

Racial Advantages:
NINE LIVES (purchased skill): When a Savar has used up their two free deaths, and is flipping a coin for Final Death, they may use this skill. The skill must be activated after the Savar’s “Death Count” but before their flip. If the Savar fails their flip s/he may then flip an additional time. This skill cannot be stacked and is only usable once per death. This skill is usable once per day, per purchase.

NATURAL CLAWS (automatic): Savar can choose between being declawed at birth or keeping their claws throughout their life. The choice must be made at character creation and the effect is permanent. Should a Savar keep their claws they are restricted from using any other weapon or shield. A Savar with claws receives a free proficiency in <Medium Weapons Group Proficiency: Claws> and may use one claw boffer weapon (See Chart 6.1 in the rulebook) in their good hand and nothing in their off hand. They may buy specializations with them (as Medium Weapon Specialization: Claws). Should a Savar purchase the skill “Ambidexterity”, they may use a second claw boffer weapon in their off-hand. Essentially, these claws act the same as Normal weapons of their size, with the exception they cannot be destroyed or disarmed

Racial Disadvantages:
PLAGUED (automatic): While the worst of the plague seems to have past, its effects on the Savar people still linger. As a result, all living Savar take double damage from the Dark and Necromantic sources of Magic. Furthermore, should a Savar enter their death count via Dark or Necromantic Magic, they will immediately rise as a mindless lesser Undead, cursed to destruction. While undead, Savar cannot use any magic, and nothing short of resurrection or divine intervention will return them back to life. This undead form will last 24 hours or until the Savar is slain.

Physical Characteristics:  Their distinguishing characteristics are make-up appropriate for the type of cat being played, and possibly the use of a prosthetic feline nose if make up is sub-par or your subspecies is similar looking to another race. Example: Black Panther Savar and Dark Elves are similar because they both wear a full-face of black face paint, the savar would be distinguished from the dark elf with a prosthetic.

Savar players at Anime North 2009

Bestial Race

Language: Hindi

Life Span: 40-60 years


Most Savar follow Gods relevant to their profession, and though worship of The Cat Lord “Ryiak” is reasonably common, it is not universal. There are a number of churches and shrines to Ryiak and other gods throughout Felnir. Ever since the plague, the worship of Dark and Necromantic Gods is considered true abomination. Any Savar caught worshipping or implementing Dark or Necromantic items is immediately killed or exiled.


As if the Savar didn’t have enough problems, there is Catsbane. Two herbs, cinnamon and mint, are known to the Savar as ‘Catsbane’. Each one has a peculiar effect on the Savar. Depending on the Savar, one herb will send them into the Killing Edge, and the other will send them into a mating frenzy. Even the smallest whiff of one of the herbs can make this happen. Not all Savar are affected the same way. Not all Savar are even affected by Catsbane. Some experience the effects from only one herb and not the other, some are affected by both, and some none at all.

The Killing Edge, when brought on by Catsbane, is quelled as normal. If the female cannot calm herself down, or be calmed down by a male, she will become a Lost One. The mating frenzy, when brought on by Catsbane, is quelled through mating, though in rare instances it can be calmed by willpower.

For the full history and customs of the Savar race, visit the UW Wiki page here.

Felicity the Tigress - Photo by Pat and Sierra


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