Welcome to Maud’madir!


Maud’madir is a medium to large continent in the northern hemisphere of our world. It is most likely not the only existing continent, but so far any other continents seem to be undiscovered… at least as far as most inhabitants know.

The landmass includes Tiefanue to the west, Berphaunt to the east, The Grey Elven forests to the south and the vast arctic wastes of Mjoll and Jormunger to the north. Maud’madir is the home to four major island chains and at least two major mountain ranges. Temperature is arctic towards the north and temperate to the south. There are no tropical zones, although the kingdom of Duvain and the faerie isles are quite close. Hurricanes pester the southeastern shores in the summer months and killer winters extend as far south as Felnir, at times.

Underworld Toronto is played in Jericho and the surrounding area. Jericho is a small farming village on the edge of the Grey Elven Forest, just outside the borders of Tiefanue. It was founded in the year 2249 by the Church of Light of Tiefanue, and was originally a settlement of that kingdom. After a brief period of independence during the black dragon Styphon’s invasion of Tiefanue, Jericho was annexed by Suvant in mid-2251.

Jericho is a frontier town that serves as the first line of defense against evil necromantic forces to the south. It is one of four known towns that protect a beacon which holds up “the curtain” – a powerful magic defense that keeps the teeming numbers of undead hordes (controlled by the living embodiment of hatred itself) at bay. Jericho is home to a large population of misfits and wayward adventurers who have ventured forth from their homelands to seek plunder and glory, or escape from their own horrors. Here we find people from all walks of life banding together to survive and protect themselves from the growing forces of evil, whether they like it or not!

For more information on the kingdoms surrounding Jericho, see the Underworld Wiki page here.


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