Race Profile: Einher

Drystan Hammerfall, photo by Angela

In the kingdom of Mjoll to the far, far north, you will find the Einher clans. The Northmen are a semi-nomadic people that are very superstitious by nature. Though the Einher enjoy being shockingly vulgar, they are very serious about any conduct that may bring harm to themselves or their kin. As such, they tend to avoid berating others unless they are looking for a fight. For an Einher it is important to know the difference between a friendly jab at someone and that which will lead to bloodshed. The Einher have an unrealistic (in the opinion of other’s) fear of fog, magical or natural. They will suffer from the effects of paranoia and/or hallucination if confronted by it. The thicker the fog, the worse the effects. The Einher also detest Ice Elves to the point of hatred. Throughout  history the Ice Elves have attempted to force the worship of Shiva upon the Einher clans, causing much bad blood between the two civilizations in the last 100 years.

Racial Advantages:
BESERKER RAGE (purchased skill): A Northman can incite in himself a powerful Berserker Rage. The character must cry out “BESERK!” for a ten-count. (i.e. “Berserk 1, berserk 2, berserk 3…”) while working themselves into a frothing frenzy. For the duration of one combat, the character gains +1 Strength, +5 Body, and is immune to Fear effects. From the point at which the fight ends, it takes 5 minutes for the effects of Berserk to wear off. The character cannot will the rage to end any sooner and must continue to fight so long as opponents are visible. This skill is usable once per day, per purchase.

RESIST COLD (automatic skill): Resist Cold allows the user to “Resist” one cold-based effect. As a Racial Ability, it may also be used to “Resist” Ritual Magic. This skill is automatically given on character creation, cannot be purchased for multiple uses, and is only usable once per day.

Racial Disadvantages:
HELL’S EMBRACE (automatic): The Einher live for battle. It is their belief that if they final in combat, their souls travel to a great hall where they will fight and drink for eternity. It is every Northman’s fear that they will die alone, outside of combat. Einher who die outside of combat have a 50% chance of taking two deaths on their character card for the one they take in game. An Einher who has died outside of combat will first flip a coin to determine if the death taken is counted as one or two. The deaths are applied to their character card, and finally, if required, an additional flip(s) is used to see if they succumb to final death.

Physical Characteristics: As an Einher, it is required for the PC to dress in furs or kilts and braid their hair.

Einher Women are nothing to mess with


Language: Swedish

Life Span: 60-80 years

Einher Superstitions:

Fog: (mandatory)
Many tales of spirits coming out during the fog have been told. Namely on the seas, spirit ships of longboats with crew that had drowned have been reported. It is widely speculated, as well believed, that the fog attracts spirits of the deceased whom did not make it to Valhalla, forcing them to return to their own realm where they came from. During a fog, a slight fear of returning dead comes upon all Einher; for fear that their brethren have come to damn them.

Grey Wolves: (mandatory)
Though it is widely taken that the Grey Elves “Race of the Old” are but a mere folk myth told to keep young children in line, superstition does rule over many Einher adults. Tales of pure grey wolves roaming the wilds that could not be killed began to take form; however no one has ever seen a victim of a grey wolf attack. Tales of hunts failing when facing wolves such as these are heard often, but are never told by eyewitnesses. Thus, many believe that though the Grey Elves are mostly a myth, as they are never seen only spoken of, superstition supersedes logic and pure grey wolves are no longer attacked for their pelts and meat, but rather avoided. Keep in mind, those who do indeed manage to see a Grey Elf in their lifetime may do what they wish afterwards with the knowledge assuming Grey Elves exist.

Warding off evil omens and unknown magic: (optional)
There are those that have heard tales of iron being a potent substance for creating an invisible barrier against evil spirits. This coincides with the superstition of Fog. These tales originated in distant lands, telling of spirit folk who would lose all power when confronted with iron. Some choose to believe that it doesn’t protect them from evil spirits of the lands, thinking this is nothing but myth.

Elves: (optional)
Elves are widely known of from stories told in Norse villages. The common thought for some Einher is that Elves are created from the bark of trees. Some do believe that Elves are divine, and are followed or worshiped like their own Einher Gods, but to a lesser extent.

Mead: (optional)
There is a myth that Odin had drowned in a vat of mead causing his death. The other Gods had resurrected him, but there was one drawback… as he had been resurrected with his body still in the vat, a small portion of his power remained within the drink itself. Therefore, the warm feeling that one gets while drinking it is not only the effect that mead has on people, but is a portion of Odin’s power being inserted into the drinker for a short amount of time. With this thought, mead is drank before every battle, or any event of significance. Those who drink it regularly are the main followers of Odin.

Fae: (optional)
Myths of a spirit folk with the name of Fae have been spoken of. These are thought to be a people who change their shape and cause mayhem and mischief wherever they go. Tales of Fae shape-shifting into the form of a human, and infiltrating the Einher clans causing skirmishes and political upheaval are known throughout the lands. Other such tales have been passed along from person to person, thus leading to a general mistrust of these Fae spirit-people.


The pantheon of the Einher Gods is a great one, unmatched by any other in existence. Their Gods are considered to be the strongest and smartest, superior in every way to all other Gods. In general, the belief is that “My God can kick your God’s ass.” Other Gods are not to be followed and are considered Gods for the foreigners, in their foreign lands. Any and all Gods that are from the same lands as those of the Einher ones are seen as great and to be respected and revered as divine ancestors.

As well the Einher Gods tend to be followed more than worshiped, not to say there aren’t worshipers of the Gods. Einher are considered to be descended from their Gods, and so they view their Gods as doing what they please (though the Gods do show favors on occasion). The Einher that worship the Gods and are considered religious fanatics are named bear-zerkers (bear shirts) and ulfhedinns (wolf skins). Other Gods may be worshiped, but they must be viewed strongly and come second after Einher Gods, and it is extremely rare to see worship of non-Einher Gods within a Clan. Foreign Gods that are followed are most likely to be from the same land as the Einher ones.

Einher Placenames:

Asgard: Realm of the Gods
Midgard: Realm of Mankind
Alfheim: Home of the Light Elves
Niflheim: World of Ice
Muspelheim: World of Fire
Jotunheim: Home of Giants
Svartalfheim: Home of Dark Elves
Nidavellir: Home of Dwarves
Helheim: Land of the Dead
Yggdrasil: the World Tree
Bifrost: the Rainbow Bridge, closing the gap between Midgard and Asgard
Vanaheim: Home of the Vanir
Ragnarok: end of the world

For the full history and lore of the Einher race (as well as specific Clan information) view the wiki page here.

Nadja and Agni of Fenheim


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