Race Profile: Wood Fae

Taz the Wood Fae, by Pat and Sierra

Distant cousins to the Faerie Folk, the Wood Fae are rumored to have been born of the magic within the forests of our world. This may account for many of the Wood Fae having an affinity to nature and natural creatures. Contrary to their “true Fae” cousins, the Wood Fae have an extreme dislike towards all forms of charms and will go to nearly any length to oppose these mind-altering spells and effects. They are not only averse to practicing Charming Magics themselves, but are even able to remove Charming effects on others. Their capital resides on the Isle of Melinda, ruled by a government of elected council members. Having no real homeland or cities, they are (for the most part) very carefree and friendly people. They generally live a polygamous lifestyle, rarely keeping one mate for more than 10 years.

In the past, very little has been known about these woodland beings aside from this: they have pointed ears, horns, and really like sex. REALLY like it… a lot. This lack of knowledge is due to the fact that they seldom leave their beloved forests for the town or outlying kingdoms, and they’d much rather hear and learn of other people then babble about their own culture and history.

Racial Advantages:
CHARM BREAK (purchased skill): Allows the user to “Resist” any effect from the Psionics Sphere of Magic. This also includes all Charm-based attacks. As a racial benefit, it may be used to “Resist” Ritual Magic. The breaking of a Charm spell can only be accomplished through 10 seconds of talking to the Charmed character then declaring “Innate Charm Break” while touching them. This skill is usable once per day per purchase.

LUST FOR LIFE (automatic): A Wood Fae’s natural attunement to the forest and all things living has given them a lust for life that other races lack. Should a Wood Fae drop into their “bleed count” they are given a full two minutes before entering their “death count” rather then the standard one minute.

Racial Disadvantages:
IRON AVERSION (automatic): Wood Fae will take X2 damage from any source using the suffix “Iron” in its damage call. Carrying iron items is permitted, but doing so will cause great discomfort and should be role-played accordingly. This disadvantage applies to damage taken to both Armour and Body.

Physical Characteristics: Long, pointed ears like Elves, and small horns that grow out of their foreheads.

Macha Morrigan the Wood Fae

Fae Race

Language: Gaelic

Life Span: 1000-1200 years

Societal Views

Wood Fae hate having their freedoms taken away from them in any form, whether through magic, alchemy, or force. They will not allow another to govern how they live and are inherently resistant to mind-controlling effects. This ingrained racial desire of freedom may seem to make it impossible for Wood Fae to form any kind of government at all, but Wood Fae love nature as much as they love their freedom and they understand that certain “natural laws” exist and must be obeyed.

Wood Fae society does not have any distinct classes or social castes. No titles denote special rank or privileges and individuals gain respect based on the merit of their work. The closest thing to a title that exists is each person’s vocation. In formal ceremonies, this moniker is used as part of their name (eg. Painter Charity, Councillor Idril, Goldsmith Demetri) or may occasionally be used to distinguish between two people of the same name. While Wood Fae tend to pick one specific art as their job, they often will work on food production crafts as well. Most Wood Fae homesteads have gardens or orchards. These are spaced at least five feet apart in even the most populous cities.

Wood Fae settlements are marvelous constructions combining both natural growths and hand-made building materials in an astonishing combination of art and nature. Assorted sculptures line the roads and buildings are frequently ornamented with mosaics and frescoes, demonstrating the skilled aesthetics of the Wood Fae.

Whereas most societies have economies based on coin currency, the Wood Fae prefer a trade and barter system. They trade in raw materials, finished goods, and works of art.

Like the Hoblings, the Wood Fae are noted for their frequent celebrations and revelries. With some luck, a group of travelers might find themselves journeying from celebration to celebration instead of from town to town.

For more information on the Wood Fae society, see the wiki page here!

Tangle sits outside her home

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