Event: The Weeping Game

The Weeping Game Event Poster

Time creaks on and the winds of change will send spirits on their way But the winds of this mill have trapped those who’ve passed And it has trapped them tight. Come, heroes, prove your worth and show you do more than slay Play your part, win the key To release them before mornings’ light.

Please join us for our second Tavern Night of the 2013 season and our traditionally “haunted house” event.

The event will be heavy RP although combat may occur.

Details: Saturday, Feb 16, 2013.

Start Time: Logistics opens at 2:00PM. Game starts promptly at 4:00PM.

Cost: $25 prelog / $30 at the door

Blankets offered: 1

Location: Byron Byng Beaches Legion
243 Coxwell St, Toronto, ON

*Please note, the legion hall is called “Baron Byng Legion” if you’re using an app for directions.
The address is correct on the invite, however!

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Event: Posterus Raptor



Anyone who has spent any time in Jericho knows how eerily quiet it can be. The silence here is heavy and thick, but it’s taken on a deeper tone in recent days. Jericho’s children are sleeping, under a trance by some unseen force. Every night their parents awaken to see their children aged, being drained of their youth. The farmers and their wives lament and beg the adventuring town for help. They know that a child here and there will perish to the wild land they call home, but not all of them, not all at once. Something dark has swept through their homes and put their children under magics most foul. They’re upset, they’re angry, and they’re out for blood. Be it the blood of whatever monster did this to their children, or the blood of the town that refused to go and save them. The mob builds with torches and pitchforks they gather around an iron gate that has appeared in town center. They demand you go through and find their offspring within. Though there’s no handle, no lock, no visible way to open the door. You only hint an inscription that curls along the top in writing that seems to pretty for such an ugly message :

“What will you give up to go through?”

Details: Sunday, Jan 27, 2013.

Start Time: Logistics opens at 2:00PM. Game starts promptly at 4:00PM.

Cost: $25 prelog / $30 at the door

Blankets offered: 1

Location: Byron Byng Beaches Legion
243 Coxwell St, Toronto, ON

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Sweat Magazine Article Fall 2012

It’s not like a one hour game. From Friday at 10pm to Sunday afternoon you’re just going the whole time.

A group of Underworld LARP players

We had a crew from Sweat Magazine come out to one of our events in the fall of last season. Their media team was lead by Victoria Brown, and they took photographs, video clips, and even published an article on the experience of our game.

Sweat is the official magazine of the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA).

Here‘s the link to the online version of the publication, you’ll want to flip to page 24 to see their article on us!

Race Profile: High Elf

High elven lady Brimma

An exceptionally long-lived people, the High Elves (a.k.a The Deminis’Thalan) make their home in the forests and trees across the continent. All High Elves are graceful, artistic and magically inclined. Though they are wise, they’re often seen as arrogant to the point of rudeness by the other races. In the past, their capital was the great metropolis of Suvant. After the Fulmination, to the bewilderment of the elves, it disappeared. The High Elves that remained have set up a refugee camp on a small island south off the shoreline called Day’ten.

Racial Advantages:
RESIST PSIONICS (purchased skill): Allows the user to “Resist” any effect from the Psionics Sphere of Magic. This also includes all Charm-based attacks. This may be used once per, day per purchase. As a racial benefit, it may be used to “Resist” Ritual Magic.

MAGICAL APTITUDE (automatic): This skill gives the High Elf one free Battle-Magic spell-slot on character creation. This free spell-slot can be used to store any spell s/he can cast, up to their highest-level spell-slot. This free spell-slot in no way contributes to their pyramid or the prerequisites needed to raise it. Aside from that limitation, this free spell slot functions in every other way like a normal purchased slot. Example: A High Elf Mage with 1 purchased 4th level spell-slot may use Magical Aptitude to gain an additional 4th level or lower spell, determined at their reset.

Racial Disadvantages:
DEATH’S DOOR (automatic): High Elves have always held a deep Spiritual attunement to the forests and the land. Recent events have weakened this attunement, and in doing so, have weakened the High Elves connection to the Spirit world. Should a High Elf enter their death count s/he will only have 3 minutes to receive a Life Spell instead of the standard 5 minutes allotted to other races.

Physical Characteristics: Long, pointed Ears

Aeneva prepared for battle, photo by Pat and Sierra

Elven Race

Language: French

Life Span: 700-1000 years

Societal Views

Unlike the other races, the High Elves use a very loose system of government. The Kingdom of Suvant is ruled by the High Council, and the Grey Elven King. Their Council of Twelve is populated by members of the Noble Houses. Not every Noble House holds a council seat, in fact only a few houses manage to hold several seats. How the Council members are chosen has never been made public knowledge, and is not known outside of Suvant.

Suvant’s nobility is also atypical compared to the other realms. They have very few actual titles, outside of military ranks. Most Elven villages are governed by councils or in a few cases a single elder (Magistrate or Patrician). The heads of the Noble Houses are referred to by their own people as Lords. Despite there being no actual titles, the people of Suvant appear to be very conscience of their rank and social standing. There are several major Noble Houses and various minor Noble Houses. Traditionally, status within a Noble House is defined by achievement, service, merit and birth. It is not unusual for the Noble Houses to adopt promising young elves into their ranks.

A great emphasis is put upon artisans and exceptional craftsmen. It is not unknown for a truly skilled singer, painter, sculptor or other sort of artisan to enjoy an almost Noble Status within Suvant. The Elven people place a great emphasis on art and culture. The very best artisans are almost always commissioned in service of the Noble Houses, appearing only to the public during the Festivals.

Player Profile: Asphodel

Asphodel by Tyler Anderson (National Post)

“In under a year, Asphodel’s been transformed into an infected abomination, left religion in favor of dragons, found an alchemy master, gained a home within a camp in Jericho, found employment with the town’s archaeologist, advanced to the second in command of the alchemists guild, braved spider caves and defeated countless creatures.”

Lorne B has been playing Underworld LARP for almost a year, he has spent the last 11 months playing a Dark Elf alchemist named Asphodel. I asked Lorne some questions about his experience playing at Underworld LARP, and what it’s like to live in the fantasy world of Jericho as his Player Character (“PC”) – here’s what he had to say!

How did you find out about Underworld?

My girlfriend first wanted to LARP after seeing it on Fanboy Confessional… So I go to my first event and have a total blast, and then go home and tell my girlfriend about it. And she says shes not interested anymore and she thinks it’s silly. But through a combination of the great people and all the action, I’m already hooked by this point. So she’s sort of responsible for my UW addiction now.

What is the inspiration for your character?

Asphodel is a Dark Elf, and is formally (according to the rule book) an assassin. But I chose that model mostly for the [cheaper] alchemy costs… I liked the idea of a stealthy poison-master. Since I have a job that allows me to sell things people like or need, going with the alchemist build is sort of like combining assassin with salesman. I love the idea of alchemy, the combination of science and magic into a potion or gas globe.

Most people say that your first character is pretty similar to yourself. I think Asphodel, my current character, has a small amount of me in him, but with certain aspects about my personality enhanced or improved. Asphodel is more confident, intelligent and well spoken than I am. He also has ambition, which is something I find difficult to muster some days. He’s trying to master alchemy by age 30 just to say he can. A lofty goal, but there’s something inside the idea of being a prodigy in this world that really makes me smile. My experience with Asphodel has been an exceedingly positive one.

What is your favorite aspect of Underworld LARP’s medieval-fantasy universe?

My favorite part of the UW fantasy world is its depth… There are religions, belief systems, cultures and lands with so many different flavors, similar and parallel to our own but also so different (considering the lower end of technology as well as the inclusion of magic and monsters.)

Asphodel prepares to fight a monster in the woods

I love the feeling of escapism when you go to the game for the weekend. Its a way of removing yourself from the entire equation of life. Work, school, money, stress. Its a form of freedom that I honestly think everyone should try out at least once.

What do you like most about the Underworld rules system?

My favorite part of the game mechanics is probably that the classes and character point categorization creates so much variety. People don’t have to be bound to one idea of a warrior, a rogue, or a caster – they can make a Healing Templar who doesn’t fight, or an Alchemist, or so many other variations on the character classes available in the rules.

Asphodel slays a spider - photo by Pat and Sierra