Event: Posterus Raptor



Anyone who has spent any time in Jericho knows how eerily quiet it can be. The silence here is heavy and thick, but it’s taken on a deeper tone in recent days. Jericho’s children are sleeping, under a trance by some unseen force. Every night their parents awaken to see their children aged, being drained of their youth. The farmers and their wives lament and beg the adventuring town for help. They know that a child here and there will perish to the wild land they call home, but not all of them, not all at once. Something dark has swept through their homes and put their children under magics most foul. They’re upset, they’re angry, and they’re out for blood. Be it the blood of whatever monster did this to their children, or the blood of the town that refused to go and save them. The mob builds with torches and pitchforks they gather around an iron gate that has appeared in town center. They demand you go through and find their offspring within. Though there’s no handle, no lock, no visible way to open the door. You only hint an inscription that curls along the top in writing that seems to pretty for such an ugly message :

“What will you give up to go through?”

Details: Sunday, Jan 27, 2013.

Start Time: Logistics opens at 2:00PM. Game starts promptly at 4:00PM.

Cost: $25 prelog / $30 at the door

Blankets offered: 1

Location: Byron Byng Beaches Legion
243 Coxwell St, Toronto, ON

Facebook Event Page

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