Event: The Weeping Game

The Weeping Game Event Poster

Time creaks on and the winds of change will send spirits on their way But the winds of this mill have trapped those who’ve passed And it has trapped them tight. Come, heroes, prove your worth and show you do more than slay Play your part, win the key To release them before mornings’ light.

Please join us for our second Tavern Night of the 2013 season and our traditionally “haunted house” event.

The event will be heavy RP although combat may occur.

Details: Saturday, Feb 16, 2013.

Start Time: Logistics opens at 2:00PM. Game starts promptly at 4:00PM.

Cost: $25 prelog / $30 at the door

Blankets offered: 1

Location: Byron Byng Beaches Legion
243 Coxwell St, Toronto, ON

*Please note, the legion hall is called “Baron Byng Legion” if you’re using an app for directions.
The address is correct on the invite, however!

Facebook Event Page


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