Race Profile: Wild Elf

Lisara Bloodsnow, Photo by Kitty Rode

Wild Elves (a.k.a The Olagot’Thalan) do their best to co-exist with nature, believing that the land and the beasts that inhabit it are here for far more than simple exploitation. They consider few things worse than taking more than you need from the world. Examples of this would be mining expeditions, industrial forestry, or commercial fishing. While they are intelligent enough to understand the ways of civilization and industrial progress, they choose to live a life outside it. Wild Elves have no formal cities or homeland and tend to live in nomadic tribes. Long ago they came to believe that both the Elven race and the lands were suffering due to elves’ straying from the “Old Ways” into the lazy and corrupted ways of the “Civilized” races. Wild Elves strive to regain the connections lost with the Earth Mother and once again become like their Grey Elven ancestors.

The Wild Elves burn with passion and devote themselves fully to whatever they find worthy of their attention. There are many tribes, and all believe they will find what was lost and will return to the “Old Ways”. Each Tribe develops their own levels of tolerance for the lesser races, civilized ways, and even money. Wild Elves passionately focus on preserving the earth mother and destroying their chosen enemy. They are a vigilant race. When they speak, they speak very matter-of-factly. They will lend their wild wisdom when asked (and often, without asking), and help friends out if they feel it is needed.

Racial Advantages:
RESIST PSIONICS (purchased skill): Allows the user to “Resist” any effect from the Psionics Sphere of Magic. This also includes all Charm-based attacks. This may be used once per day, per purchase. As a racial benefit it may be used to “Resist” Ritual Magic

CHOSEN ENEMY (automatic): Upon character creation, a Wild Elf may choose one hated race that at some point has done great harm to them, their family, or the natural balance of the forest. A player can choose as their Chosen Enemy, any of the starting races as well as Monstrous, Angelic, Demonic races, or even the Undead. Once chosen, the Wild Elf will do their best to see that this race is wiped from the face of the planet. A Wild Elf will not normally associate themselves with their Chosen Enemy’s race unless it somehow furthers their goal of their Chosen Enemy’s destruction. This ability will grant the Wild Elf a +1 damage bonus on any melee or ranged weapon, while fighting against their Chosen Enemy. This bonus will increase +1 for every 3 levels the Wild Elf gains. +1 at first level, +2 at forth level, +3 at 7th level and so on. This damage bonus will not carry over to any other race. Chosen Enemy cannot be changed.

BODY POINT BONUS (purchased skill): This skill represents extra constitutional training the Wild Elf has gone though, above and beyond what is standard for their race. This skill can only be purchased once throughout the character’s entire existence.

Racial Disadvantages:
ARMOUR & WEAPON RESTRICTION (automatic): Viewed as abhorrence to nature, a Wild Elf will never equip Armour made primarily of steel, iron, or any other metal. This disadvantage does not apply to metal buckles, fasteners or studs used to hold or reinforce the Armour. This penalty does not apply to metal weapons, items and objects not used as Armour, but proper role-play should still be observed.

Physical Characteristics: Long pointed ears. Tribal tattoos

Jaden the wild elf on the lookout

Elven Race

Language: Italian

Life Span: 700-1000 years

Societal Views

Wild Elf society and traditions vary from tribe to tribe. Attitudes of the Wild Elves change over the course of their long lives. The younger elves are often brash and full of resentment towards many of the other races. The Elders teach their young of the “horrors” which the other races inflict upon the Earth Mother (as well as the values of the individual Tribe to which they belong). They are conditioned to think of the Earth and the Tribe as being as much a part of themselves as their own body. The Wild Elf is part of the Earth and their Tribe, in this unity survival is made possible. The young are kept within the borders of the main camp for many years for safety and to limit exposure to the outside world. As a Wild Elf grows in age they gain more understanding of the outside world. Elders encourage the younger elves to venture out and make the mistakes of assumption and prejudice. Through first hand experience and observation, they can gain an understanding that all races serve a purpose in life, and from this is where the many tribes develop their belief systems.

Superstitions and Myths

Wild Elves have very few actual superstitions or real quirks. However, it is said that any Wild Elf that spends an extended length of time in a Town or City will become increasingly irate and may be prone to psychotic outbursts. The race as a whole cultivates a large amount of improvised quirks and superstitions which they love to propagate to the lesser races. Often adopting strange habits or nervous ticks to mislead others into believing something is not right with them.

Wild Elven Tribes

Red Moon

Silver Leaf


The Rising Sun

Bone Tree

Cold Flame

Eye of Ll’yandra


Quel Fara

The Moon Tribe

For more information on Wild Elven attitudes as well as tribe information, see the wiki page here!

Wild Elves Dawn and Jaden, Photo by Pat and Sierra


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