Day Mod: Hunting the Hunters

For months the Poica stalked Jericho’s humans like common prey. For months all attempts to locate the Poica have lead to dead ends. But now a way has been opened, and Jericho takes the war to the Poica.

The hunter becomes the hunted and the task is twofold:

  • Capture An’lek for Suvant
  • Rescue Lisara from imprisonment

Sharpen your blades Jericho, you’ve sworn that this day would come – and it has.


Underworld LARP presents our first full day module of 2013! These day mods have become a bit of a tradition over the years and they’re always awesome. We’ve used the same site for many years now and it’s excellent for day mods. Our day events at this site are usually combat heavy, as the location is perfect for it.

Weather can be a little unpredictable at this time of year so dress warm and dry, just in case!
You can always take layers off.

Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2013
Prelogistics opens: Monday, March 18th
Event Time: Gates open @10am. Log opens @11am.
Game begins @1pm. Game called approx @9PM. (There will be a 1 hour dinner break at 5pm).
Cost: $30 Prelog / $35 at the door
Blankets of CP: 1
Note: This will be a TAGLESS event, like our tavern nights.

Map to the site

A special note about the map – Please follow the directions on the map link, it can be difficult to find if you rely only on GPS or memory.

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