Event: Kick the Hive

Kick the Hive - poster by Angela

There’s a haunting stillness in the air around Jericho. Darkness is on the rise, and it feels as though a thousand eyes are watching every move. Like the calm before the storm, Jericho is holding it’s breath and waiting to see what new chaos will be unleashed. With the travellers from Kalidor on their way home, and the elemental portals closed, it is eerily quiet in the town. Leaving room to wonder what’s coming next. Volanna’s coven is complete. The three sisters have joined together to create a force that appears unstoppable. They have bound together and are calling allies to join them in their cause. It is suspected that they have even bigger plans, but it will take time before they are strong enough to complete them. But an unexpected ally is on the rise, and you will be given a chance to strip away some of their power. Jericho will need to band together to break apart Volanna’s coven. Their bond must be shattered before they can be destroyed. You will be given a chance to take away one of Volanna’s most powerful resources and to join forces with one of her enemies to begin bringing her coven to it’s end.

Hey buddy, you like being in Jericho? Good thing! Underworld LARP Jericho cordially invites you to the first of two back to back 4-day events in our 2013 summer season. If 8 days of LARP in a month isn’t enough for you, how about receiving double blankets for both events? Or perhaps 1.5x production points?

What about wyches and spiders? ‘Cause we got those too…

Our 4-day events last year received some of the best reviews of 2012 and we expect that trend to continue. Last event we broke records for attendance, let’s keep that ball rolling!

See you at logistics!

(Note: Monday is a holiday, so game will start normally on Friday and continue through Sunday night to Monday, when we will call game about the same time as normal, 1-2pm. PCs will still be limited to a single NPC shift when prelogging.)

Date: Friday August 02 – Monday August 5, 2013

Start Time: Gates open at 2pm, Log opens at 6pm, Game starts at 10pm

Cost: $55 ($50 with prelog)

Blankets Offered: 2

Location: Majik Morn Farm, 761 Fleetwood Rd, Janetville Ontario

Facebook Event Page


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