U Create Comics

UcreateComics is an online comic book community with a Million Dollar Fund for comic book development. They accept all concept pitches and then put them to member votes. Then, UcreateComics awards comic book development deals of up to $50,000 (up to $25,000 for artists and writers, and up to $25,000 for commercialization)!

UcreateComics is the training ground for aspiring comic book artists & writers to become professional freelancers. It is a place where professional freelancers can compete for paying contracts.

Freelance members can compete for paid artist and writing contracts in order to turn winning pitches into comic books. All UcreateComics members (Fan members, Aspiring artists and writers members, and Freelancer members) can pitch a concept, character, script, or completed comic book for competition.

UcreateComics is an official sponsor of Underworld LARP – and collaborations are in the works!




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