ARRG – Ryerson RPG / Gamers Club!


You find people who aren’t asking ‘Why do you have a latex sword?’ but say ‘Cool, you have a latex sword!’” De Crescentiis said. ARRG was founded just over five years ago. De Crescentiis said that the current group of more than 60 dedicated members still enjoy the same types of games that were played when the group first started out. Some of the group’s favourite picks include board games like Settlers of Catan and trading card games like Magic: The Gathering.

Marco, one of our players, is the president of AARG! – The Association of Ryerson Role-Players and Gamers, which meets Thursday nights on Ryerson University campus. Students and game enthusiasts alike can get together and play board and console games, as well as participate in tabletop campaigns that meet regularly at various locations in the city. ARRG also holds off-campus events such as paintball, birthday parties, online get-togethers (for PC gaming) and more. Chances are, if It’s game related, they’ll likely do it – even LARP. In fact, many Underworld LARP players are also Ryerson students, and members of ARRG.

We commend Marco & the club for promoting RPG and gamer culture as a whole, and for providing a place for Ryerson students to get their game on, make friends and explore the game worlds we have come to love.

If you are a Ryerson student, and interested in joining ARRG (or if you just wanna meet some wacky gamers), you can check out the Facebook group for the next meetup!

The group was recently featured in The Eye Opener on a list of “The most unique clubs on campus”!
Read the full article here!


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