Underworld LARP Presents: Requiem for a Queen

To the loyal Citizens of the Pax Mordabish and their Allies,

The forces of Inviticus have attempted once again to weaken and destroy us. And, like all the times before, we have survived. I personally congratulate you on your tenacity and perseverance. As we have said before, you do not fight alone. Before the next full moon our forces in Jericho and Mea Visa will assault Morgaine, the Banshee Queen. While you brave and fearless soldiers are combating that evil, know that you will not be battling alone. While you fight the Moragine, our forces in Valan’s Honour will dispatch the Arch Lich, Ashen Kane. Further to the West we aim to have Suvant engage the Zombie Lord that terrorizes the lands south of them. This combined effort will destroy the Aspect of Hatred’s strongest generals and will provide us the opportunity to end him, finally. We will be providing you with the gates necessary to take the fight to the Dark Queen herself. Her castle is infested with magic, her forces are filled with hatred, but I, your supreme Overlord, will give you the opportunity to rid her form our lands. To purify more of the forest you have chosen to call home.

Now despite all we have done, some still feel our presence here is not wanted. They remain blind to the victories we have brought and look to other far more dangerous allies for aid. You, the People of Jericho, are truly in danger of replacing one magical threat with another. Any true and loyal citizen of Jericho is commanded to inform the Pax Mordabish of any and all acts of treason against our war efforts. Do not give in to those that coat their lies in sweet words of treachery. Our ways may seem harsh, but we have not lied to you. We deliver on our promises, and are as dedicated to winning this war as you are. None of your other so called allies can say as much. Follow me, and we will guide you to true freedom.

Stand and be counted among those who will defend these lands with their lives.
Stand and be counted among those who will burn hatred from the heart of this forest.
Stand and be counted among those that bring honour and glory to Jericho and the Pax Mordabish.

Morgaine sings a dirge of hatred, but the time has come to make it her requiem.

The Banshee Queen must die!

High Overlord Nabot-San
Slayer of Dragons, Destroyer of Gods
Pax Mordabish



Welcome to our long weekend event of the 2014 season. We broke records last game! 172 players. That’s nuts!

Traditionally our long weekend events tend to be a good mix of RP and plenty of combat. We hit you hard last game with the Morgaine’s retribution but now it is time to take the fight to her. Town will be slightly safer from the wandering choir of death but by no means should you let your guard down. This is an event 6 years in the making. I hope to see you all on the battlefield.

Date: Aug 1st to Aug 4th, 2014
Logistics Open: 6:00PM
Event Time: 10:00PM
Cost: $55 ($50 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 2

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6



Underworld LARP Presents: Pray for Villains

The Pax Mordabish have successfully seized control over the town of Jericho. Under their iron rule, citizens are used as fodder in their war on Inviticus, the aspect of Hatred. If the Pax Mordabish fail, all life ends. Jericho, and her allies, have little choice but to do their bidding.. for now. Their first target; the Banshee Queen, Morgaine and her choir of death. Jericho’s “missions” for the Pax have been successful so far and thankfully with little causalities, but those winds may soon change. While most of the undead are fighting the Pax, a dark haunting song plays across the decimated wastes south of where the curtain once stood. A foreboding reminder that the Banshee queen still maintains control of her lands and will surely turn her dreadful voice in the direction of Jericho, very soon.

And what of this rogue group of Pax known only as the Pax Arcanium? What of Rhademia and her colossal construct known only as Gormac the Earthshatterer? As if matters could not be worse, rumours spread like fire that the consecration spells used to keep away the former ruler of Jericho, and suspected Vampire Lord, Lord Reann Tanna, have failed. Jericho’s greatest enemies seem to be converging all at once. Jericho needs to find some friends fast and she no longer has the liberty of being particular.

For if heroes fail, it’s time to pray for villains.


Welcome to our 3rd full weekend event of the 2014 season. This has historically been our largest event of the year and we’re well on track to seeing that happen again. This event is special for a number of reason and we’re throwing out some player incentives to make this epic.

As a many of you know we’ve had some minor database issues over the last couple events. This is our first solid year running a unified database for all 3 guilds. It’s working amazingly but we’re bound to run into a few glitches along the way. Our DB and logistics team is incredible, very hard working and they do way more work than they receive rewards for. They are putting in overtime hours to make sure everything is set for all our games so let me start by thanking them publicly for all their hard work. To alleviate some of the stresses you, as a player, might have trying to Prelog and update, we’re offering a second blanket for this event. This second blanket is no way an indication of the kind of challenges you’ll see at game July 11th. No way at all. None. *shifty eyes*. The rewards for NPC’s, Shapers, etc have also all doubled for this game. We’re also happy to announce our first pig roast of the year. That’ll take place Saturday July 12th. Tickets will be $10 and that will net you usually more than you can eat. Details on that will follow with our tavern folks. Finally, and this is the most exciting part, we’re excited to say that this event will harbour the return of a sizable amount of UW veterans. When I say vets, I mean players that help build and mold this game, 18+ years ago. These players, still friends after all these years, were the people I looked up to when I started PC’ing. UW would not be the game you love today if they had not set the tone and mood for an 18+ LARP, back when that was all taboo. Boffer-walker jokes aside these are some of the best people I have ever roleplayed with and their coming back to help us in the current plotline in various ways. They’re excited and we’re happy they are coming back to help Jericho in her time of need (or hurt her, it could really go either way).

We have a few other special things planned but we’ll update that as we get closer. We’re still waiting on numbers (sorry!) but we’re all but positive we broke records last game. I have a sinking suspicion we’re about to destroy that record again. See you on the battle field.

Logistics Open: 6:00PM
Event Time: 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 2 (yes 2!)

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6


Pray for Villains fixed copy (Medium)