Underworld LARP Presents : The Enemy of my Enemy is still my Enemy

When the Pax Arcanium arrived, they commanded Jericho to destroy the Banshee Queen and to rebel against the Pax Mordabish. Some citizens have taken up their cause, but will there be enough to hold fast against the harsh retribution of the Mordabish. In this time of war, who can be trusted?

Each citizen of Jericho must look deep into their own soul and decide what’s worth dying for. The war against Inviticus must be won, but what must be sacrificed for victory?

The Pax Arcanium has told you that now is the time to move against the Mordabish.

They say that now is the time for Jericho to take back its freedom.

They say they can help you… but are you willing to bet your life on it?

Remember, with all the villains that have shown themselves in the Grey Elven Forest: “The Enemy of my Enemy is still my Enemy”.


Please join us for our 5th full weekend event of 2014! This event picks up where the shocking events of the 4-day event, “Requiem for a Queen” left off. Hold on to your hats folks, we’re entering the home stretch of this 6+ year old plotline and Jericho’s fate can go in any direction now.

– Note that due to a medical issue, the regular tavern will NOT be open for this event. Instead, Tom / Hawke at the hospital will be running a “tavern light”. You can find details about this mini-tavern here:


– We expect numbers to be a little lighter for this event, mostly due to the 4-day being less than 2 weeks passed and a simultaneous event being run at our sister-guild, Ralinwood. This is NOT a bad thing for you however – more plot, more loot, more chances to steer Jericho’s fate! But if you’d like to continue our streak of record-breaking attendance, hey, we won’t mind one bit.

– If you are new or would like details about how to pre-register, please read this thread on our forums:


There’s only 3 weekend events left before we move into All Hallows and everything about Jericho’s future will be decided during those events. Join us, and make your mark on history!

Logistics opens: Friday of the event, 6:00PM
Event Time: Friday 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 1

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6


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