Underworld LARP Presents : Red Rebel Renegades

The drums of war sound on..

Jericho has celebrated a number of key victories in their fight against the Pax Mordabish and, ultimately, the Aspect of Hatred, but the war is not over.

The protective magics that held back Inviticus are gone and so too is the leash of the tyrannical Pax, but where does that leave Jericho? The Pax seemingly care nothing for Jericho anymore. They did their job in defeating Morgaine, the Banshee Queen. Their attention now turns south, towards Inviticus himself. This brief moment of respite should not be squandered.

The Pax Arcanium, the Grey Elves, the Germmel, the Risen and the Muck Water Goblins are all allies of Jericho. Their pieces on the battle map must be chosen carefully, lest we forget that should the Pax Mordabish fail in defeating Inviticus, life on this land will cease, forever.

Please join us for our 5th weekend event of the 2014 season!

With this event our year-long story lines arc toward a conclusion. There are 2 events left before All Hallows and this event ties into some plotlines that occurred much earlier in the year.

This event does not conflict with Ralinwood and it’s been a good 3 weeks since our last event, so we expect our attendance numbers to shoot back up again.

Parking on one side at logistics worked great last event, we’d like to try it again with the higher amount of cars. PLEASE DO NOT BLOCK THE ENTRANCE – I had to ask some cars to move because of the small amount of space left at the entrance to rows # 2 & 3. Remember that large trucks park there too, for the safety of your vehicle’s bumpers, please park in the back rows instead, we’d hate to see you get clipped.

I will be not at this event but Dave will be, so he’ll be taking over my job at logistics from about 8pm until they close. Take all donations to him, he’ll write it down and I’ll apply the frags after.

2 weeks until lay-on, Jericho!

Logistics opens: Friday of the event, 6:00PM
Event Time: Friday 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 1

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6



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