Underworld LARP Presents: Autumn Thorns

I am Layyah AIeede of the Pax Arcaniam. We are your friends and allies. To the Pax Mordabish: we are your mothers, your sisters, and your daughters. You have been deceived for too long.

Jericho: You have helped liberate our sisters in Pax Prima. For that we are grateful. Our captors in the Pax Mordabish would have you believe that we slept in our prisons, unaware of our surroundings. We were not asleep. Our “brothers” told you we were stricken with insanity and that we needed to be put down. They took our sisters and daughters, the moment they left the womb, and placed us in prisons until they could find a “cure”. This misguided cure is the complete and utter destruction of all magic in the world. The truth is we were never insane. As a result of the destruction of our dragon, the men of our people had the magic removed from them. The women who all stood against the idea, had our magical abilities exponentially increased. At the time we were unprepared for this and had yet to learn how to control it. We did not need to be systematically subjugated. We needed to be trained. Although many lived and died in those black prisons, our subconscious minds were linked, and we planned for the day of our return.

The Pax Mordabish wish to destroy the Aspect of Hatred, known as Inviticus. This may sound just at first, but know their methods of doing so will have a devastating effect. Your land has many intersecting laylines that ebb and flow with all the magic that fills this world. On many of these, the Pax Mordabish have placed their wicked devices. These devices will poison the laylines and ultimately destroy the magic that feeds every living thing. Inviticus will die by their swords when the magic is removed but so too will the Fae, the spirits of the dead, the Mages, and anyone who can cast magic. All those that use magic will suffer a terrible painful death as our “brothers” drain it out of the land.

It is with sorrow in my heart that I must tell you that I do not believe we can stop this in time. There are too many devices in place and we cannot remove them before they are activated. The Pax Mordabish have already begun their final assault and based on our current predictions, they will successfully destroy the magic in our world, and be ready to confront the Aspect of Hatred, by the end of October. That being said, while we cannot stop it, we do have a plan. It is a long shot and we will need all our allies but there is still a chance.

Our first goal must be sever the connections to Pax Prima. With a majority of Mordabish troops fighting their way to Inviticus’s stronghold, only a small reserve has been left behind to guard the main gating device. They are led by the 1st Subjugater Khalid Abed Djinn, a man I understand many of you are familiar with. He will pay for his transgressions. I will be bringing my sisters together in a week’s time. Seek us Friday night, 11pm at your town fire and we will discuss what needs to be done. Be prepared; some of our misguided brothers still creep your woods and they will most assuredly try to stop us.


Welcome to the second last full weekend event of the 2014 season. Remember to dress warm as the nights are getting cooler.

Logistics opens: Friday of the event, 6:00PM
Event Time: Friday 10:00PM
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)
Blankets of CP: 1

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6



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