Underworld Larp on Dragons Den! Wednesday, November 5th, at 8pm EST

That’s right folks. We got our air date. For those unaware and new, earlier this year we were scouted by The Dragons Den to give them a spectacle episode and make a pitch for land investment. A spectacle episode is one in which we fill the entire stage with our awesomeness, providing an entertaining and visually breathtaking experience for the viewership. Included in that is our pitch to potential investors so that we might buy our own site to host Underworld and other productions. Now, word to the wise, Dragon’s Den is infamous for creative editing. We’re not sure how things will play out once it goes to air. We could look amazing, or we could look terrible. I can’t tell you the outcome of the pitch but I can say we were extremely happy of how it all played out, from our perspectives. Regardless of scoring investors, a strong secondary reason for appearing on the show, is exposure. If experience has taught us anything it’s that all publicity is good publicity. Kevin O’Leary, a former Dragon on Dragon’s Den, said it best. “A Dragon’s Den pitch is like a 7 minute infomercial on steroids” It’s a 7 minute commercial for Underworld LARP that plays coast to coast, during primetime, on a major TV network. Not to mention the online advertising and it plays in syndicate. We couldn’t come close to this kind of exposure on our own.

So, this could be a pretty exciting opportunity for Underworld to gain investors for our own site but also to expand the game in ways we couldn’t dream of before. Or it could just net us a few new players. Either way we’re happy. When it airs we’ll be unveiling a crowdfunding project to help capitalize on any unanticipated exposure. Also, there are almost always secondary investors that will contact us once the show airs and we want to make sure we can accommodate them if their offers are enticing. To kill the rumour before it starts we won’t be handing over Underworld or “selling out.” Ted and I will always have full creative control regardless of investment opportunities.

So with that explanation out of the way, we’re going to start hyping this. As we get closer to the air date we’ll put out a fancy facebook post and incentives to share it. I’ll be organizing a viewing night at ye local bar in Toronto and hopefully we can get our NPL’s to get something together out in KW, Hammertown and some of the other UW cities. I’m sure our friends in Edmonton and London will be doing the same!

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