Underworld LARP Presents : South of Heaven

The end is nigh. Inviticus, the unliving Aspect of Hatred itself, sits on his throne of corpses, ready to obliterate the living with an army of undead.

Jericho has succeeded in destroy the gate to Pax Prima, leaving the Pax Mordabish with no chance of reinforcements. With no route home, the magic hating Pax Mordabish and their allies Berphaunt, move forward with their plan to destroy the Aspect of Hatred. Jericho will undoubtedly play an important role in this for Inviticus and his army of undead will not die without a fight. The lives of millions, and the very essence of magic itself, lie in peril.

As if matters could get worse it has been said that Lord Reann Tanna, once tyrannical ruler and rumoured vampire lord, has returned to enact his vengeance. Armed with the phylactery of the Green dracolich, he risks his own existence to ensure that Jericho and her citizens pay for their crimes against his house. I think you really pissed him off.

P.S. there is also a wedding

Welcome to Underworld’s flagship event of the 2014 season. Our Halloween event, or “All Hallows” as it is known IN GAME, is a fear filled horror fest, where death waits around every corner. This is an especially important event for us because it wraps up an epic plot line that by myself and Ted have been working on for over 6 years! With high risk, comes high reward. Gold, magic items and untold treasures are yours to be found, if you have the guts to leave your hiding holes. We go all out this event, with , props, blood and a monster encounter of such scale that we haven’t seen the likes of it in any North American LARP

Halloween at Underworld has some special notes that should be addressed. Every year we print custom red armbands, themed with the overplot of that season. They’ve become somewhat of a collector’s item and we only give them out to players who are brave enough to PC their highest level PC. Season NPC’s and Shapers have custom white headbands, we haven’t forgotten about you.

Please read our annual special Halloween Event message here. We’re doing things a wee different this year. Less running and hiding and a hell of a lot more creepy horror story – http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=11586

Lastly, our NPC turn out is usually higher than any other event (chickens!) and, as such, we will not be using shift NPC’s this event. As a PC you cannot sign up for an NPC shift – but you also do not need to pay the opt out cost. Furthermore, we are capping the number of people we need as full weekend NPCs. Season NPC’s are not subjected to this cap. The cap number is not public information. If you wish to NPC you will need to prelog as such. Spots are first come first serve.

Dress warm! The nights can be quite chilly. See you at logistics! Happy Halloween!


Start Time: Gates open at 2pm, Log opens at 6pm, Game starts at 10pm. Game usually ends around 2pm on Sunday.
Blankets: 2 for PC’ing. Standard for NPC’ing.
Cost: $45 ($40 with prelog)

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6