A Message from the Pax Arcaniam:

Citizens of Jericho,

You should be proud. This past weekend you successfully defeated the enemy and shut down any possible chance of reinforcements. With the destruction of the Pax Mordabish’s primary gate, no new troops will enter these lands, nor shall the troops here return home. We have burned their bridge. You have done your part, so we will do ours. Many of my sisters managed to enter the gate back to Pax Prima, before it was destroyed. There we have begun a revolution. The truth of our story must be heard and with every ear that listens, we convert a Pax Mordabish to our cause. We will see the overlord dethroned and ensure that they cannot rebuild the gate you bravely destroyed. That is our Pax to you.

The battle has been won but the war is far from over. 10,000 Pax Mordabish and Berphautian troops make their way towards Inviticus’s stronghold. When they arrive they will activate devices, strategically placed on points of magic, throughout this land. These devices will poison the laylines of magic that crisscross this continent. When that happens, all magic will die. With all our strength and magic we cannot find a way to stop this from happening. The Pax Mordabish has been at this for far too long and there is no time to remove enough devices to stop this horrible act, but there is hope. I’m hoping to meet with your village elders shortly. We will underline our plan for the holiday you call “All Hallows’”

Together, the Pax Arcaniam, Jericho and all her allies, will see Inviticus destroyed, our people freed, and the Pax Mordabish removed from your lands. We have one shot.

Your friend and ally,
Layyah Aieede of the Pax Arcaniam


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