A Message from the Kingdom of Suvant

Citizens and Council of Jericho,

I bring news from your patrons, the Kingdom of Suvant.

On September 24th, 2256 the Council of Suvant reviewed a motion presented by King Baraquiel Hopebringer of House Tse Tannonoth to move Suvant and its military to Tiefheim, the last remaining city of Tiefanue. Included in this proposal was the order to board the Suvant Army, currently stationed at Silverbreach, into naval vessels and also sail them to Tiefanue. The mage’s guild would join them. Simultaneously, the kingdom of Suvant would declare war upon the Army of the Black Wyrm and the Firstborn Styphon, and use both the army and city itself to lift the siege over Tiefheim. House Shalonost was the only House to oppose this undertaking and was promptly outvoted. The papers were signed and Suvant’s destiny was sealed.

This motion went no further than wet ink on paper.

On September 25th, 2256 House Shalonost took control of the Council, arresting those who capitulated and putting to the sword those who resisted. As a result of this military action, all former Houses which sat upon the Council of Suvant have been destroyed and exiled from the city, the High King has suffered a final death.

At the same time, the city of Silverbreach was placed under siege by House Shalonost and surrendered after a brief conflict. The army stationed there has been joined with the sieging Shalonost forces and has since been relocated to the south.

As these events were were occurring, and with the assistance of House Shalonost, Styphon’s forces assaulted Castle Stormwatch and destroyed House Tanna. As some of you know, House Tanna had recently been embraced with vampirism, causing them to become tainted and corrupted. Reason was no longer possible and Jericho saw for itself how quickly they succumbed. Lord Tanna’s coffin has been taken into the possession of the Army of the Black Wyrm and Lord Tanna lured into Jericho with bait. As Tanna’s coffin is returned to Mount Dracos, Lord Tanna has been trapped within Jericho and cannot leave these lands. It is believed that he carries the Phylactery of the Green upon him. If he is destroyed, the Phylactery will be obtainable and Lord Tanna’s spirit will return to his coffin, under the claws of Styphon himself. I give you, the citizens of Jericho, the honour of causing that to happen. Destroy Lord Tanna and take the Phylactery from him. Send his spirit into the maw of the Firstborn. His fate is in your hands.

With those facts shared, it is my purpose with this letter to explain the motivation beyond the actions detailed above.

House Shalonost believes that the primary focus of all military action at this time should be:

  • The destruction of Inviticus
  • The destruction of House Tanna
  • The destruction of the Pax Mordibish

Any use of military forces for purposes beyond those three most pressing concerns is treason. To waste resources and lives to fight a losing war fought between two allies when the very lands we call home have bled and suffered for so long is inexcusable. Suvant will focus on matters within her own borders exclusively until such time that those threats have been eliminated. This is, and shall be our primary goal from this day forward. Some may declare our actions to be ruthless but with the cancer of Inivitcus, betrayal of Tanna and threat from the Pax Mordibish, this is no time for hesitation or weak wills. Suvant WILL destroy its enemies and WILL protect its borders, upon this I swear.

As Jericho falls within those borders know that our actions are to your benefit. Your enemies are our enemies. Yet we have no desire to fly the flag of Suvant over your home or take your liberty from you. You will remain independently governed until such time that all threats to our lands have been destroyed, and if desired, beyond.

All of Suvant’s military and magical might will now be focused upon Inviticus, Tanna and the Pax Mordibish. House Shalonost will rule over Suvant until such time as all three threats are no more. When that occurs, a new Council shall be formed and life – with all my hope – shall return to normal.

Jericho, I am not your master but I am your ally. We shall mourn our dead and regret our actions in the future. Now is the time we take our weapons in hand and drive the darkness that has plagued these forests into oblivion. Thousands of highborn elves march toward Inviticus, willing to fight for their home. I ask that you fight for yours, too.

High Councilor,
Jjik’da Shalonost
Council of Suvant

This information was originally posted here: http://www.underworldlarp.ca/mybb/showthread.php?tid=11580


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