This Year’s All Hallows (for Newbies)

All Hallows is the creepiest event of the season. Things you can expect this time around:

The Pantherghast: The Pantherghast, the first of Ll’yandra’s children. Normally kept held in his cell in Hell, he hungers for Elven flesh – and for one night a year, he is released to attempt to satiate that hunger.

While Elves are his first delicious target, he wouldn’t hesitate to much on any interfering mortals either. But Ll’yandra does not turn her back on her children, and has gifted some of them with a way to defend themselves from this demon…

The Undead: Upon sunset, expect the undead to roam the town. All manner of ghastly creatures will stalk Jericho. Even the outlying farms aren’t safe: word is the local chapter leader of the Blood Red Rose, an organization devoted to defending the peasants, has gone missing, perhaps even enslaved or enthralled.

What could possibly stop or even control them? Maybe necromancers or vampires…

OOG Safety Notes

It will get cold. You won’t be allowed to sleep in your car (unless you like death, or it hits that record -20 C at night). Don’t expect Town Centre to have a blazing fire to keep you warm (that’s just a giant beacon for anyone to come out and get you – or to add fire elementals to the list of problems). Double-check the Primer to Cold Weather for tips on how to tough out the colder climate.

Primer to Cold Weather:

This year, All Hallows will be focused less on “hide in the woods for 48 hours” and more creepy plot and tying up extended plotlines.

Pertinent announcement:

But please do your best to be prepared for the weather. You’re an adult in an 18+ game, you should know what your body can and cannot do. If you do get dangerously cold – hypothermia can really sneak up on you – you’re always welcome to come to NPC camp and warm up.


All Shapers, and Season NPCs participating in All Hallows, earn an event-specific white headband.

All PCs earn DOUBLE BLANKETS for playing at All Hallows.

All PCs playing their highest-level character earn an event-specific red armband.

And while surviving All Hallows is an achievement in itself, with risk comes reward. If you venture out into the dark and try to take on a few of these marauders – and not necessarily the biggest and scariest – a few items might tumble into your possession.

A taste of last year’s treasure:

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