The Final Push

Jericho. This is a summary of the meeting we held, earlier this week.

Over the next week some important events are going to take place that will change the outcome of life here, as we all know it.

The Pax Mordabish, aided by a contingent of Berphauntian troops, will reach the epicenter of evil itself, within a week’s time. The Pax Mordabish plan to use devices already in place to destroy the laylines that snake through these lands, killing the very essence of magic. We are unable to stop this from happening. What we can do is attempt to breathe life back into them. We, the Pax Arcanium, will be standing by at key points of interacting laylines at the moment the Mordabish kill the Aspect of Hatred. Once it is done we will be releasing stored up mana, from our very bodies, back into the now dead laylines. If our plan works this will shock and restart the magic that flows throughout us.

As much as it pains us to say this, it is vitally important the Mordabish succeed in the hopefully temporary destruction of magic. With the magic of these lands removed, they will have a decent chance of destroying Inviticus. Without the laylines to feed from he will only have access to a small supply of his once vast pools of magic. If the Pax fail to defeat Inviticus, it won’t matter what happens to the magic of the world. It’s important that we focus on what happens if they do.

Let us assume for the moment that our plan will work. I will speak now of Jericho’s part in this war. Jericho and her allies will be our backup should the Pax fail part way through. Additionally we’re asking Jericho and her allies to gather multiple strike teams to attack Inviticus’s generals. We’ve allied ourselves with both the Skein Dominion and the Conclave to see that transport is available to bring these strike teams to the blasted village of Pape. Pape lies just outside the Sunridge, where Inviticus calls home. Every General that we can take out will further the Mordabish’s chance of success. We encourage you to gather yourselves in groups of 10 or more, and then travel through the Skein gate to dispatch justice on those that claim allegiance to Hatred. Transportation back will be available of course. We expect the Mordabish to strike Inviticus’s throne room Saturday morning. The Gate will be open for our strike teams at that moment. We estimate they will actually reach Inviticus Saturday night.

A couple key points of information. We know Jericho has had a rocky past with Berphaunt. We’ve allied ourselves with the Conclave because we’ve discovered that Berphaunt has no wish, nor has ever had any wish, to ally themselves with the Mordabish. They were being blackmailed politically by the Mordabish’s control over Clan Sprawn. They have offered us considerable resources to help them overcome this sword of Clan Sprawn that dangles over their heads. We have agreed to help them with their Orc problem. In exchange, once the battle against the Aspect of Hatred is finished, they will turn on their masters, removing the Pax Mordabish from these lands, once and for all. We are working with the Conclave, specifically Guildmaster Orphilus to replace the Orb of Power Seti, back in the heart of Clan Sprawn. This will effectively replace the imprisoning barrier that was destroyed many years ago and will remove them as a threat to the Kingdom of Berphaunt.

In addition to Jericho’s help in all of this, we have also secured an alliance with Suvant, whose floating city is already on route to the town of Pape. The Muckwater Goblins stand ready, as do the Gremal and the Risen. They have agreed to be the first troops through the gate should our brothers in the Mordabish fail. The destruction of Inviticus’s generals, by your strike teams, will have a direct effect on their success or failure. Their lives are in your hands.

In summary, if all goes as planned, the following will happen: The Pax Mordabish and Berphaunt will reach Pape by Saturday morning. We will open the gates to those who are able and we will aid them by removing as many of Inviticus’s generals as we can. By Saturday evening they will make their final assault on the Aspect of Hatred and enable their devices that shall poison the laylines. Magic will die. My sisters will store as much mana as we can and take our places on the points where the laylines intersect. When the magic dies, so too will all magic creatures. We’ve seen to it that Jericho and her allies will be immune to this affect so they may do their job. The Pax Mordabish will kill Inviticus. If they fail, Jericho and her allies will step in to do the job. After he is dead our sisters will release the magic back into the laylines, shocking them back to life. This will release a life effect across the land, healing and restoring those that would have normally perished when the magic dies. Berphaunt will turn on the Pax Mordabish and we will see to it that the Orcs of Sprawn are gathered together so that the Orb of Seti can be replaced and free Berphaunt.

Jericho, this is the only chance we have. We are counting on you. On All Hallows, Inviticus dies.

I will do my best to field any questions you may have.

Your friend and ally,
Layyah Aieede of the Pax Arcaniam

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