The Aspect of Hatred

An incomplete transcription on the origin of the Aspect of Hatred.

Thank you for coming. I’ll be speaking for the unified forces set against destroying the Aspect of Hatred that has plagued these lands for so long. With me are representatives of the Pax Arcaniam, Jericho, the Risen, the Muckwaters and the Gremmel.

Please note I am not in charge but just acting as a voice. The Conclave and the forces of Berphaunt support the destruction of Inviticus. That may raise some questions given that we’ve been trying to kill you this past year but I appreciate you allowing me to explain .

First and foremost I have a history with Jericho. When this town was first settled… what 7 years ago… I was the resident guildmaster for this region, sent by the Conclave.

There’s been a lot that has transpired over those 7 years and Jericho took her Independence from us. Shortly after that I betrayed my kingdom and my tower and obtained this fancy orb of power. I’m terrible, I know.

This is Seti, the Orb of Imprisonment. It’s job for the last 15 years was to keep a giant sphere over the likes of Clan Sprawn so those bastard Greenskins – no offense Muckwaters – wouldn’t get all uppity and destroy my king. Stealing said orb had the unfortunate side effect of freeing said bastard greenskins. This set me at odds with king and country but thankfully I have mended those wounds.

I know it appears that Berphaunt has allied with the Pax Mordabish. This is true but you must first understand why. We are, in a manner of speaking, being blackmailed.

Things were looking grim for King Louis and the Pax offered to help. They pushed back Clan Sprawn but then dangled them like a sword over our heads. They demanded troops and support in their quest to destroy not only Inviticus, but also all magic. We’re the Conclave. We own magic. Trust me when I say we wouldn’t have agreed had we any other choice. I urge you to keep in mind this is all mostly my fault..but if it wasn’t for this Orb, Jericho wouldn’t even be here so we’ll call it even.

So here we are. I made amends and worked with the Pax Arcanium to establish an alliance devoted to bringing down both the Mordabish and Inviticus, all the while saving magic, the world and getting a promotion!

That is who I am. I’m done stroking my own massive ego. Let us get to the business at hand.

27 years ago, many miles to the south, there was a village called Pape. While on the outside it seemed like a normal village like Jericho, and I use the term normal ironically, on the inside it was much darker.

Many eons ago, when the human race was in its infancy, we waged war with the Grey Elves. Sorry about that.

It was the first hatred. It took place in a massive field and tens of thousands of lives were lost. It is said not a speck of grass could be seen for it was covered in the bones of the dead.

It is there that seed of hatred was planted.

Over the years hatred slept. It fed on the evils that men bring, slowly and without notice.

It also happens to be where they built that town. On it’s outskirts there was a ridge. Again on the outside it looked like any other formation of land. But under it, further than you can imagine, the bones of the dead.

The heart of that ridge was Hatred itself. Not an Aspect or God as you know them. Just still a seed. Eventually the evil of the ridge grew and it’s infamy spread. This is where we bring in the “better than you” do-gooders, The Citadel. For those not aware, mostly because their entire kingdom is about to be swallowed by the Black Dragon, The Citadel was the cleansing arm of the Church of Light. The kind of people that would burn things first, then ask questions later.

Sadly some of those things they wanted to burn were the fine citizens of Pape. Hell, they would have burned Jericho to the ground years ago had they the strength: “I knew a guy who knew a guy who once saw a Necromancer.” “Burn them all just in case.”

I’ll summarize a bit. The Citadel came into Pape with the intention of destroying the ridge. The people of Pape were guilty by association. They cleansed that town and her mostly innocent townsfolk in a slaughter.

They then turned to the ridge. I wasn’t at that battle but I know that a lot of people lost their lives needlessly. The citadel’s hatred, masked as justice, only fed the heart of the ridge.

The Witchhunter General, leader of the Citadel, made his way down to the antechamber, through the bones of the dead, and faced the heart with his mighty holy sword of God… stuff. Thinking he had one, likely through all the good deeds he had done in his life, he drove his magic blade into the heart.

Rather than destorying the ridge and it’s seed of hatred, he instead caused it’s birth.

The Aspect of Hatred was made physical. The ridge itself exploded in what is known as the Fulmination and bone shards covered the entire Grey Elven forest, cursing the place. The Thalan, or Grey Elves, being so attuned to the land, went mad. The green dragon, who once lived under the Grey Elven city of Tse Maigrindof, became trapped and diseased.

It was a grim time. Then things got worse.

A figure rose from the ruins of the ridge. The Witchhunter General, or at least his mortal remains, now taken over by the Aspect of Hatred. Calling himself Inviticus he rose up into the air. He took the weakened Green Dragon, Suulazultsur and bound her in black demonic chains.

He then did the unspeakable…well I mean I’m going to speak about it now… anyway he drained the life of the green, killing her. Worse still he used his ungodly necromantic power and desecrated her memory by turning her into a DracoLich…

As told by Guildmaster Ophilius Duboi of the Red Tower, Conclave, to the people of Jericho on the evening of October 21, 2256.


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