All Hallows’ 2014

Something new and different for this year’s All Hallows!

As we mentioned in a previous post, we’re putting a bit of a different spin on our All Hallows event this year. Historically it’s been neigh impossible to run complex lengthy plotlines on an event where Run-Hide! is carved into your squishy flesh sacks at every opportunity. While this is fun and exciting for most people, it doesn’t lend well to intense storytelling. As this event marks the end of a plot line Ted and I have been writing for 6 years, we needed to change the focus a bit to make things most entertaining. So our challenge was to keep our Halloween event terror filled and scary, yet draw enough players together in game to be able to tell the story. I think we’ve accomplished this.

Without giving away too much, our Friday night will be a more traditional Halloween filled with frightening monsters, disgusting gore and treasure beyond your wildest dreams (ok maybe like..a slightly above average dreams). Saturday will be more geared towards horror stories and RP. I say “more geared” because this is not an absolute. There will still be death, chaos and destruction, just in smaller doses. Instead, what we’ve done is created a giant pile of stories that players can choose to enter, if they wish.

An IG organization (known as the Pax Arcanium) has asked Jericho to help them defeat a number of Generals in the Army of Inviticus, the Aspect of Hatred. If you, as a camp or group of players, are tired of running and hiding and need something good and solid to hit, you can gather your group of 10 or more and make your way to the Skein Gate (located near the house of I). From there you can walk OOG to NPC camp where a free Shaper will pick the best suited General for your group to engage. We have generals geared towards new players without magic weapons and Generals designed for higher level PCs, as well as a whole bunch in the middle. I give you fair warning, these Generals are not pushovers. They are officers in the army of Hatred and while they contain a little more story than the random zombie lord flaying your corpses at a normal All Hallows, they are anything but easy. The risks will still be high but so too are the rewards.

This mechanic solves one of the biggest problems we face while writing stories on Halloween. We can never really find players who want to go on dungeon crawls or adventures. They are usually hiding in pre-determined bunkers set up well before game starts (I kid you not). Now you, as a player or group of players, have the option. Run-Hide from all the crazy ass bad news that will be wandering the site, or mix it up a bit, gather some friends, and go take out a big bad guy to help save the world.

As always if we find this isn’t working well (and we encourage your feedback!) we can always change things up on the fly. Improv writing is what our team does best. We have backups upon backups. Hopefully this provides both our new and old players something entertaining, that they can all be apart of, while keeping the high risk fear of Halloween alive.

See you on the killing field!

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