News from the Warfront

This information is for Jericho’s eyes only. You are putting your lives on the line and, as such, have earned full disclosure.

We, the Skein Dominion and the Pax Arcanium, feel that the risk of this information reaching the ears of our enemies are low. Still, we encourage you to be vigilant and guard this information tightly.

Pax Mordabish

The Pax Mordabish have begun their final assault. 10,000 troops, aided by 6500 Berphauntian soldiers, make their way north from their base camp towards Inviticus, the Aspect of Hatred. Their forces should reach his throne room by Saturday Evening. The Mordabish have planted destructive devices on various points throughout these lands. As they engage Inviticus, these devices will be activated, effectively destroying all magic and magical beings. At this time we do not know the extent of this destructive force outside of weakening Inviticus enough so that he may be defeated. We can only assume the worst. Once the Aspect of Hatred is destroyed, unbeknownst to the Mordabish, the Pax Arcanium will attempt to restart the magic that flows through the laylines. This effect is theorized to cause a widespread life effect to those that have died. Berphaunt has recently allied with the Pax Arcanium. As such, have agreed to turn on the Pax Mordabish, once Inviticus is destroyed. The valiant citizens of Jericho have already destroyed their massive gate back to Pax Prima. With no chance of reinforcements, the Pax Mordabish are surely doomed. Should the Mordabish fail in defeating Inviticus, backup plans will be initiated and the allied forces of Jericho, Suvant, Berphaunt, and the Pax Arcanium will finish the job


With most of her troops fighting the war in the south, the capital city of Berphaunt lies virtually undefended. Without the Pax Mordabish to hold back the forces of Clan Sprawn, the greenskins have been moving north with intent to kill. A secret alliance between the Conclave of Berphaunt and the Pax Arcanium has set into motion a plan to remove the threat to the Empire, in exchange for Berphaunt betraying their former masters, after the war. Already the Orcs of Clan Sprawn gather in force for what they believe is to be the final push, just 3 weeks south of the capital. Gathered by what they believe to be their new allies, the Pax Arcanium, the Orcs of Sprawn rally all clans meet at the newly conquered stronghold of Baedleigh Citadel. Unfortunately for them this will be the last troop movement for the rest of their lives. The Pax Arcanium have promised the Orcs of Sprawn BIG MAGIC and have convinced the Chieftain that with this new power, Berphaunt will fall. In reality, the Arcanium, in conjunction with the Conclave, will replace the barrier around Clan Sprawn, once again imprisoning them forever.


The rumoured return of the Vampire Lord Tanna has struck fear and terror into the hearts of many a good Jericho citizen. The Phylactery of the former Firstborn Green in his possession makes matters worse. Jericho must prepare for a war on two fronts; on the offence against Inviticus and maintaining the safety of her people from Lord Tanna. Rumour has it some citizens have found a way to weaken him but it is unknown how much truth this rumour holds. Stay vigilant Jericho. Outside of dealing with their internal vampire problems, Jericho and her allies stand ready to take up the torch should the Pax Mordabish fail to kill Inviticus in time. Beside her are the Muckwater Goblins, the Gremmel and the Risen. They all have their part to play in this battle and Jericho’s ability to defeat the Aspect of Hatred and his generals will definitely contribute to lives saved or lives lost, to her allies.

The Pax Arcanium

Instigators in this rebellion against the Pax Mordabish and ringleaders to the allied forces of most of the known Kingdoms, the Pax Arcanium now lead supreme in this war. They have orchestrated a mock alliance with Clan Sprawn, with intent to betray, in order to sway Berphaunt back to the side of justice. They have also united Jericho and her allies against Inviticus should things go awry. The Arcanium has established relations with the Skein Dominion to allow Jericho through the Skein gate to defeat Inviticus’s generals in order to help the war cause and, finally, they have offered to risk their own lives, restarting the laylines that crisscross throughout the land, once the Pax Mordabish turn on their devises. They do this in gratitude to the citizens of Jericho for helping them liberate their sisters enslaved who, according to their leaders, will pour fuel on a Pax civil war, thousands of years in the making.

Clan Sprawn

Warchief Garnakh Bloodspit now rules the united Greenskin clans throughout the Eastern Kingdom. Garnakh has suffered multiple defeats against Berphaunt’s newest ally, the Pax Mordabish, up until recently when the Mordabish withdrew all troops. This led Garnakh to once again summon the Chieftains with his drums of war. Having now allied the Sprawn with the Pax Arcanium they gather together, as a single army, to lay siege to Berphaunt capital. Unbeknownst to them, the Arcanium aims to betray Sprawn as required in the recently treaty with the Conclave. Once gathered together, the Arcanium will replace the Wall of Seti, a massive opaque sphere of magic, imprisoning them forever.


The floating city of Suvant has taken pause in its hunt for recently deposed ruling houses to turn their attention on the war against Hatred. House Shalonost, now ruler absolute over the Suvantian Council, has decreed that there is no battle more important than the war against Inviticus. Suvantian troops have left the town of Silverbreach in force, moving south through the blasted lands, on route the cursed village of Pape. From there they wait for their signal to attack. They will work in unison with the Pax Arcanim, and the forces of Jericho and her allies, to act as fallback should the Pax Mordabish fail in defeating the Aspect of Hatred.


Now, news from Tiefanue. The gates of Tiefheim have been breached and the Army of the Black Wyrm have flooded into the city, bringing with them darkness and undead. Fighting is now house to house, with Tiefanue military units increasingly being surrounded and cut off. Strongholds in buildings are holding out, but combat is now close range and brutal. In some buildings, the soldiers of the Black Wyrm will occupy the main floor with Tiefanue troops on the second. The city is quickly turning to ruins, which does nothing to impede the conflict. Archers and casters take to the high ground, rooftops and towers to pick off stragglers on both sides. Reports of undead being raised behind the feet of barricaded Tiefanue forces are being told and with every Tiefanue soldier’s final death, another undead soldier is added to the ranks of the enemy.

With the Church of Light shattered and the gods themselves having turned their backs to the kingdom of light, King Roland of Tiefanue the First dons his armour for the first time in decades.

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