Update from the Front Lines

An update on the grim situation facing Jericho

The Pax Mordabish and the Empire of Berphaunt have reached the borders of Pape Village. No words can describe the horrors that these men and women are now facing. Past friend or foe, at this moment, we are all on the same side. While soldiers in the Mordabish army may be immune to the abhorrent effects of necromancy, Berphaunt is not. Berphuantian troops are purposely being held back so that the Pax do not have to fight them should they die and return as the unliving. The wounded and injured, brought back from enemy lines, speak of terrors so nightmarish that we are cautious of repeating them. We have rumours of experienced veteran infantry, fleeing the battlefield as they claw out their own eyes.

While these reports are grim, it is important to note that we are still moving forward. Ground is being gained but the price is high.


Soldiers on the ground report seeing in the distance, a massive floating fortress. We anticipate the capital city of Suvant to be within bombardment distance tomorrow afternoon.


As of 10 PM Devil’s Night, 135 Muckwater Goblins have setup camp, just north of Jericho proper. They are heavily armoured and ready for battle. Black smoke rises from makeshift alchemy labs as goblin chemists work overtime to prepare for combat on Saturday.

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