Your Health and All Hallows

Final warning about the upcoming All Hallows event!

With the horrifying and physically grueling event of All Hallows beginning tomorrow, I wanted to make a note about staying healthy. While it’s sometimes burdensome to have to remember to perform tasks such as eating and sleeping while you’re hiding from hordes of Undead, they are critical for your real world survival.


With the adrenaline pumping almost non-stop, we tend to forget how much energy we expend, even if all you’re doing is hiding. It’s important to remember to eat so that you don’t pass out from sheer terror. Bring easy to carry, ready to eat foods with you everywhere. Apples, protein bars and beef jerky are all great ways to ensure you have a steady stream of energy. Grabbing a hot meal, be it one you secretly prepared yourself or got from the tavern is also very beneficial. Either way, EAT.


Without the heat of the summer some players tend to think they don’t need to drink as much. NOT SO! You’ll still end up sweating your butt off, and your terrified body needs all the fluids it can get. While coffee, tea,pop and energy drinks may keep you awake enough to hear that demon slice through your neighbors tent, caffeine and other stimulants are very dehydrating. WATER is the way to go.

Tip: If you don’t like drinking cold stuff when it’s 5 degrees outside, try boiling some water and mixing it with the cold stuff to make it luke warm. This also helps with digestion.


Don’t forget to stay warm and dry as you hide in the swamp! It is looking to be a cold one, with rain and snow a possibility. While it may be a challenge to pack, the more layers and clothes available to you the better off you are. Socks are key, and you should be changing out of anything that feels damp as soon as possible. Thermals are a great investment, as they add a simple base layer of warmth. HATS! We lose a lot of heat through our heads, and a hat is a stylish way to hide your brightly coloured hair so that the Panthergast doesn’t come kill you. Gloves are also key, as no one likes frost bite.

Tip: Don’t go to bed in damp clothing if you can avoid it. That moisture will cool down significantly, and you’ll end up waking up shivering. Not fun.

Extra bedding is also a fantastic idea. blankets, bags, sheets… anything to keep you warm and dry.

Mental Health

With the exhaustion, fatigue, and intense role play happening, it’s important to remember to look after our mental health. It can be really hard to keep our anxieties and real life fears at bay when they are coming right at you. So I want to make a mention of this to everyone, right now:


It’s a wonderful and superb game to be sure, but when you get right down to it this is suppose to be fun. So if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself why you’re playing. Find a quiet part of the forest and decompress for a few minutes. And if you need to, find a medical marshal. I’m in npc camp most of the time, and am happy to help, and most others should be out in the field if you can find someone.

Please remember that you cannot go and rest in your tent OOG for a medical reason without the approval of either myself or Phil. We understand you might be feeling poor, but letting us know is key so that we can ensure your ongoing safety.

So keeping all this in mind tonight as you pack, remember:


And Run……


Claire M, co-Head Medical Marshal and props/costume director.

Originally posted: Minor edits by Elaine for October 2015.


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