News from Jericho and Beyond

The Aspect of Hatred has been destroyed.

On All Hallows weekend on the night of November 1st and against impossible odds, the combined armies of Jericho, the kingdom of Berphaunt, the Pax Arcanium, the Pax Mordibish, the kingdom of Suvant (bombarding with artillery from above), the Muckwater goblins, the Risen and the Gremmel – and with the assistance of the Skein Dominion, the Conclave and other significant forces – the defenses of the Ridge in Pape Village were ruptured and the Aspect’s lair was assaulted directly. Wave after wave of undead were thrown at the attackers. The Witchhunter General himself arose and attempted to hold back the assault but eventually was cut down. With the Aspect itself exposed, a final push defeated Inviticus. Reports state that upon his destruction, all remaining bone shards were absorbed into black necromantic cubes of power, which were then collected by the Herald of Malagant, the Lord of Necromancy. All undead within the forests turned to dust, their spirits escaping into the night and toward their final rest, under a clear autumn sky. A peace settled across the lands unlike any that it had seen for many years, and the survivors escaped back to Jericho through a rift provided by Suvant.

Berphaunt and the Pax Arcanium : Rumours stated that a deal had been struck between the kingdom of Berphaunt and the Pax Arcanium, to free Berphaunt from the slave collar put around it by the Pax Mordibish and to end the orc threat to the south from Clan Sprawn. In exchange, Berphaunt would assist the Pax Arcanium once the Aspect of Hatred had been destroyed. Part of this plan required Berphaunt to turn on the Pax Mordibish after Inviticus’ destruction and destroy them while they could not escape.

Strangely, Berphaunt’s betrayal of the Pax Mordibish forces in the Grey Elven forests came earlier than scheduled. Combat flared between to two “allies” and the forces of Berphaunt retreated into the forests. The remaining Pax Mordbish were able to disable the leylines as planned but did not have the manpower to continue the push to Inviticus’ lair. That task was left to Jericho to complete. The reason behind Berphaunt’s failure in their part of the plan is still being questioned and investigated…

Pax Mordibish: After the dust settled with their Berphaunt skirmish and manipulations of the leylines, it appears that some small contingents of Pax Mordibish are still in the area, trapped in the southern points of the continent and unable to return home. It is believed that they are not a large enough force to act as a major player at the moment but their presence will undoubtedly cause some unease with the local inhabitants.

Lord Tanna: On Sunday November the 2nd, Lord Tanna finally exited the shadows to strike at Jericho. Brought down by the combined resources that remained after the siege of Inviticus, the Lord Vampire’s spirit was torn from his body, which was quickly looted. With his coffin being in Styphon’s lair in Mount Dracos (delivered there by Suvant, it is said), that spirit and his fate was left in Styphon’s claws. Those who were touched by the phylactery still feel its agony and it has not yet been put to rest.

Styphon and Tiefanue: Putting on his gleaming silver armour one final time, King Roland the First took to the battlefield to defend his castle from Styphon the black. During the climactic battle late on the night of November 1st, as the King and Dragon bore down upon each other’s forces to reach one another, the leylines were destroyed by the Pax Mordibish. All magic users and magical creatures (with the exception of the Firstborn) were immediately killed. Moments later, the Pax Arcanium restarted them, effectively restarting the life-forces of any who had been slain. When the King got back to his feet, the Firstborn was gone. Turning his attention to the undead, King Roland’s personal guard managed to counter-attack and push the Army of the Firstborn back out of Tiefheim. Come morning, no further attacks upon the city were intiated and up until this very moment, Styphon has not been seen. Has the bloodlust of the Firstborn been satiated with the near-destruction of Tiefanue, the ruination of Castle Stormwatch and vengeance upon Lord Tanna complete? Or has some event with the phylactery caused Styphon to turn his attention away from Tiefanue? At this time, there are many questions – but Tiefanue and its King appear to have bought themselves time, and maybe more.

Stone Creature: It is rumoured that while Suvant was bombarding the ridge from above, some high elves witnessed a giant stone figure smash through the barrier protecting Inviticus’ lair, giving the forces of Jericho access through. This creature was last seen being dragged off into the dark forests by hooded figures.

Suvant: With the destruction of Inviticus, the floating city of the high elves has moved back to the southern coasts and toward Day’ten. When asked directly, High Councilor Jjik’da Shalonost stated that the flag of Suvant would not fly over Jericho come spring and Suvant would focus on internal matters over the coming months.

The Elves of the Backwards Path: These Grey Elves have been seen mopping up the remnants of necromantic corruption south of the former curtain line. There are rumours that they would quarantine the forests until the spring, so that bystanders are not caught up in their efforts.

The Muckwater Goblins: Completely destroyed in the battle with Inviticus. Their chieftain fell on the battlefield after crossing blades with Inviticus’ human form, and being unnoticed by Jericho physicians. They have written their place in history but it appears that their story ends here.

The Risen and Gremmel: Both these allies of Jericho sustained heavy casualties and were instrumental in the destruction of the Aspect of Hatred. Their leaders have limped back to Jericho, with the wounded and bodies of the dead in tow.

Crucible: Status unknown. Runners have been sent to investigate.

Physignathus: Some reports state that the Firstborn was seen destroying ships of the Pax Mordibish over the past week. Attacking from below, she gutted the ship’s bellies and sent their soldiers and cargo to the depths.

The Leylines: In order to defeat Inviticus, the Pax Mordibish caused the “death” of all magic via the leylines and the magical nexus point in Pape village. What they didn’t expect was the Pax Arcanium restarting it a few moments later. This act was instrumental in the Aspect’s weakness and eventual destruction but it had wide-ranging effects throughout the continent. Circles of power went down, freeing any inhabitants that were inside. Powerful energies were momentarily paused. Magical creatures briefly lost consciousness, sometimes leaving them in perilous positions. Spell casters had their magic (and in some cases spirits) ripped out of them, only to be immediately returned. It appears that even today, the leylines have not fully recovered or have somehow been damaged. Black-robed mages of the Conclave have been spotted exiting west from Mea Visa to investigate…

Additional: Further reports continue to come in, we expect to have additional information in the next few weeks.

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