There’s Magic in the Air

Just because it’s off-season, it doesn’t mean the action stops.

Shortly after midnight, Zanz approaches the mage camp from the direction of town fire, holding a kettle gingerly in one gloved hand.

“Hail, is there anyone around? I was wondering if any of you fine members of the conclave could help me with a few questions about magic. I have some nice tea that I’m willing to share.”

A mage in red robes looks up then approaches. It looks like the magi are winding down for the day; two are already in their tents and the other two are simply speaking near the implanted iron rod.

“We’re always willing to exchange some words for some tea. What’s your question?”, the red-robed magi says.

“Ah, I was wondering what effects would an area of high magical saturation have on the plants in the area?” Zanz asks. “Would it make them more robust, or cause them to wither? I’m a bit of a herbalist in the time not spent fighting things.”

“Ahh. Interesting question. Depends entirely on the nature of the magic. Speaking in general terms, arcane magic should have little or no effect. As you probably know already, plant life and vegetation typically does not possess a spirit. So most of your every-day battle magic could not target it and it would simply pass through. In many ways, it would be the same as the stone floor that exists inside a ritual circle and that has seen decades of use. No special preparations are required, on that floor..”

The archmagus slow his words as he speaks, seemingly distracted by something. He’s watching the snow gently fall in the night air. Except it’s not falling as it should. Instead, it’s falling toward the center of the circle of power, like iron filaments toward a magnet.

“.. now that’s unus-”

A sudden and massive explosion erupts in the town center, with ground zero being the Conclave camp of magi who arrived a few days ago.

A shockwave strong enough to wake anyone sleeping in Jericho shakes the earth. The entire field is lit up like a hundred roman candles and the mage camp (containing the Conclave “guests” and the Jericho citizen “Zanz”) are immediately vaporized. A geyser of bluish-white magical flame shoots 100 feet into the air, hailing down arcane debris across the entire clearing. This continues for 30 seconds, easily getting the attention of anyone nearby and causing most people to run for cover. The geyser appears to act as a vacuum as well, sucking in any small objects (and the entire Conclave camp) into a center point, which then vanish.

After 30 seconds, the violent geyser abruptly stops as if it was capped and the clearing returns to darkness. The remaining debris in the air falls to the ground like magical snowflakes.

There’s a lengthy pause, as a bluish-white light grows on the ground that was at the center of the explosion. This luminescence grows in intensity like the red-hot bottom of a pan over a fire, and then it is released – shooting both northwards and southwards simultaneously, following the leylines for those that are familiar with it.

Considering the obvious release of power that was just witnessed, you can only imagine what could occur at the destination of those two blasts.

All that remains of the Conclave camp (and Zanz) is a circle of melted snow. Silence returns, minus dogs barking in the distance.

Original posted and, with minor edits.


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