Monthly Rumours for January 2257

– A tribe of wild elves, travelling with wolves, have been seen moving toward the town of Leighton, to Jericho’s Northwest.

– The Grey Elves have quarantined the forests south of Jericho until spring. They want to inspect the forests for necromancy and undead, after Inviticus’ destruction.
– Styphon the Black Dragon has returned to sleep. These slumbers can last years or decades. It is unknown why he did not strike the final blow against Tiefanue before returning to Mount Dracos. Some within the Army of the Black Wrym have already begun jockeying for power.
– Reports from Antioch are arriving, confirming that a Temple to Raze was indeed destroyed and multiple clerics killed because of the surge of mana that travelled up the leylines.
– An Ambassador from Felnir is planning to depart for Jericho to meet the new nobles.
– More wildlife is active in the forests surrounding Jericho. Most presume it is due to the animals not being scared away by the undead south of the curtain.
– Tensions are rising in the fishing waters offshore of Duvain. Duvain is accusing Berphaunt fishing boats of fishing in it’s territorial waters. Berphaunt claims them to be international. Duvain is considering sending military ships to the area.
– Disruptions of magic due to the leyline problems in Jericho are still occurring, but mostly outside of town. Whether this means it is spreading outwards or the citizens have simply been lucky is unknown.


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