Nobles of Jericho

As decided by the Head of the Court, at A Noble Affair on February 15, 2257.

Head of the Court – Her Grace Lady Alexandra Forbin, Chosen of Raze
Lady Forbin’s Aide – Morgaine Salletmaier

Court Advisor – Lord Frankie Huello
Lord Huello’s Aide – Miriam Bedeaux

Court Wizard – Lady Cressida Ceolfrith
Lady Ceolfrith’s Aide – Aodhgan Siadhal

Captain of the Guard – Imrik of Silverwatch

Master of Coin – Alec Steodd

Magistrate – Alexei the Risen

Court Entertainer – Lark Lycoris

~ Nathaniel Watkins, on behalf of House Forbin and the Kingdom of Berphaunt



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