Monthly Rumours for February 2257

– There has been nothing but silence from Clan Sprawn for over a month.

– Visitors to Antioch confirm that the 2nd largest temple to Raze has been obliterated by a force of magic that travelled from the south up the leyline. The area that housed the former “secret” 5th beacon has been sealed off, and there is activity to and from that area on a daily basis.
– The Grey Elves continue to quarantine the forests to the south of Jericho.
– The farmers and peasants within Jericho’s borders are quickly becoming accustomed to the Berphauntian soldiers that patrol the borders. The sense is that they welcome them and the security that they bring.
– Flickers of greenish light have been seen near the old Fae Realm portal, within Jericho. Investigations have found nothing unusual and most believe it still remains sealed.
– Styphon continues to sleep, confirming that he has returned to hibernation.
– Remnants of Tiefanue forces have begun to expand out from the capital, including the Citadel.
– A Duvainian caravel chased a fishing vessel flying the flag of Berpahunt out of it’s waters. In the pursuit, a storm rose and the fishing ship capsized. No survivors were found when the caravel returned to the area post-storm.
– Suvant now flies over the shores of Day’ten and is expected to remain there for the year.


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