The History of Jericho, as of March 2257

The History of Jericho, as of March 2257
(as far as a new character will know).

Jericho was founded about eight years ago. It is a frontier town, populated mostly by young and mature adults; about 250 people claim it as home (not including the itinerant adventurer population, which fluctuates between 100 and 150 people).

The town is surrounded by farms, run by various races; they extend three days’ walking distance from the town itself to the township’s borders (also called Jericho). Fort White, a popular trading post, is about 30 minutes’ walking northeast from Jericho’s town gates. The Grey Elven Forest dominates the township’s landscape; the exception is the Deadlands, which are to the south of Jericho.

Jericho’s immediate neighbours are:

  • North: Antioch, a Dark Elven kingdom
  • East: Berphaunt, a Human kingdom
  • South: Duvain, a mercantile island nation of all races
  • West: Styphon, the domain of the Black Dragon of Destruction

Antioch is primarily underground and extremely hostile towards outsiders. Duvain is a month’s trip by sea.

The two closest towns to Jericho are Mea Visa to the east and Silverbreach (a Suvantian city) to the west; they are each two weeks’ walking in the appropriate direction.

The High Elven Kingdom of Suvant is, geographically and politically, quite close to Jericho. However, it is located on a floating continent, and difficult for the average person to travel to and from.

All kingdoms on the continent are vast, and contain numerous small farms and villages that have experienced fortunes and hardships themselves. It is a minimum one month’s walking to even begin approaching the heart of these lands; while the different kingdoms technically control the land, there is no visible line in the sand to show where one country ends and another begins, and border areas are known to fluctuate back and forth between masters (or not even be aware of the change in leadership).

Up until May 2256, Jericho (along with Mea Visa and Galen’s Honour (further southeast from Mea Visa)) were towns that guarded a Beacon, which powered a mystical Curtain. The Curtain was a visible wall of light that guarded the rest of the continent from the Deadlands, a land filled with the decaying and undead. However, the Pax Morbidish destroyed all the Beacons, thus destroying the Curtain; the explosions could be heard from miles around and was visible in the immediate vicinity as a giant pillar of flame.


Following the destruction of the beacon, Jericho united with various allies to protect the magical leylines from the actions of the Pax Morbidish. While successful, several factions became interested in Jericho’s status and moved on Jericho; notably, Berphaunt, Suvant and Antioch sent ambassadors to the town.

In December 2256, Jericho accepted Berphaunt’s offer to annex its lands. The ruling nobility were introduced during A Noble Affair in February 2257,


Major factions:

  • Berphaunt: a kingdom to the east, identified by red and white tabards.
  • Grey Elves: the mystical Elves that guard the forest, identified by elven ears and grey skin.
  • Inviticus: pain-worshipping cultists, identified by black tabards.
  • Pax Arcaniam: an all-female magic group, tied to very leylines of magic, identified by tear track scars on their faces.
  • Pax Morbidish: an all-male anti-magic group, identified by gold tear tattoos and black/grey greatcoats and caps.
  • Styphon: a dark wasteland ruled by Styphon, the Black Dragon, identified by green and black tabards.
  • Suvant: a floating High Elven kingdom; currently floating over Day’ten (their island outpost southwest of Jericho) and expected to remain there for the year.

* Note that this description isn’t exhaustive, detailed or even very accurate, and things always change based on player actions during and between events. Contact a New Player Liaison if you have questions!

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