It approaches…

As noon on Saturday approaches, a caravan of wagons pass through Jericho’s town center and continue on the main road toward the large carnival tent east of town.

The wagons slow to a stop, workers begin hopping off and carting equipment inside. Staff members dressed in casino attire (mostly blacks and reds) carrying tables, chairs and large crates are seen going to and from the wagons. They appear busy but cheerful.

All the movement is performed efficiently and is completed within an hour.

There are a few sound of commotion from inside the tent, then a slim fellow dressed as a jester skips out of the tent. He looks about before staking a sign into the ground beside the one with ‘Bessarion’s House of Fortune, Trade Emporium and Tea Room’ on it.

The new sign states:

Lords and Ladies,
Women and Men,
Workers and Warriors,
May fortune favor you as you join us for the evening!

All are welcome!

Beginning on the 28th day of this 3rd month in the year of 2257, 4pm until 11pm!

Peeking over the sign, it is easy to see that the tent itself remains empty until 4pm. Immediately after 4pm the tent springs to life. Tiki torches appear outside and happy laughter can be heard from within, mixed with the sound of coins on tables and bottles clinking together.

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