General Player Social – Downtown Toronto, April 7 2015

Our friends over in Edmonton have these weekly and bi weekly meetups. A place for UW players to come, chill out, socialize, ask questions, and just generally relax with fellow gamers. Seems to work well for them so we figured we’d give it a try.

We’ve wanted to do this for awhile but given our size, finding a place to call home was difficult. Hopefully we found a solve. Kelly over at Face to Face Games Toronto has an ideal storefront, suitable for us hooligans to socialize.

His shop sits 70, serves delicious food, made fresh to order as well as drinks; hot and cold and vegan sweets!. The shop itself is free (no cover), and is full of boardgames and space to play magic. They buy and sell cards at the shop. This is going to be a trial run for us here. I’ll be there and hopefully I can wrangle some of our shaper and new player liaison team if you want to talk shop.

Great for new players or those interested in checking us out

Facebook event invitation:


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