Underworld LARP’s first annual “All Guilds” event, WARCRY!

Welcome to Underworld LARP’s first annual “All Guilds” event, WARCRY! This event is our biggest production ever with over 250+ players expected (hopefully more!) What was once a 15 player larp, almost 20 years ago, has grown and evolved into a massive 5 chapter juggernaut, supporting thousands of players in our collective database. AND WE’RE STILL GROWING! We are proud and pleased to invite you all to what will be the largest progressive level based LARP event, ever in Canada.

Warcry marks our first attempt at not only a giant single international event, outside of any specific guild, but also the introduction of World Plot. All our Guilds share the same universe and now we have the means to writing massive world level plot, for each Guild to take part in. With this World Plot comes the introduction of the World Shaper Council, a collection of Guildmasters, Shapers, creative minds and experienced storytellers who will write the overarching 2 to 3 year plot lines for each Underworld Chapter to experience. You will see the introduction to that World Plot, this event.

It’s also our incredible pleasure to introduce our first ever guest writer. We have none other than Jon Verrall writer/actor/co-creator of Geek & Sundry hit LARP show LARPs: The Series. Jon has a lengthy history of writing and implementing live action roleplaying games so he’s not just a pretty face. Jon will join us, possibly with friends, as he takes a piece of our overarching weekend story, and transforms it into magic that we could only hope to. There is also a chance we may film this. With Jon, comes sponsorship from LARPs: The Series and we’re grateful to have them on board for this epic event.

New Players!

If you’re a brand new player to an Underworld LARP game, travelling just because you want to play in an epic sized game, or just “mostly new” and have questions, we have a team of New Player Liaisons that will be able to assist you. Their only job is to help you make a character, integrate into our gaming world, and answer any questions you have. If you’re confused, lost, or have Warcry questions, unrelated to logistics, please send them an email at underworldnpl@gmail.com. Additionally you can post here and someone will contact you from the NPL team.

Logistics and Preregistration

Since this event is not specific to any guild, our process for logistics will change slightly. Prelog opens on June 29th for all guilds (minus Edmonton who are special). There might be a few bugs in this process as this is the first time we’ve ever attempted anything of this scale, so please be patient. Prelog comments and questions can be sent to prelog@larp.ca

Once Prelog opens each player will log into their account and preregister, as if it were being hosted by your home guild. This will allow you to come to the Warcry event as if it were a home game, not an event you are travelling to. You will be allowed to spend up to 2 blankets and use any production or production skills. Once event is complete all blankets for attending and any frags earned, will be updated to your player account, as per normal.

We will create a step by step document shortly, to make this process a bit easier to understand.

Site opens at 2pm Friday July 10th, Logistics opens at 6pm, Game starts promptly at 10pm.

NPC Shifts: Info coming soon


  • $50 with pre-registration and pre-payment,
  • $55 with only pre-registration, or
  • $60 at door with neither.

Once Prelog opens, pre-payment for registration should be sent to payments@larp.ca

We support Paypal and Etransfer. Passwords should be set to “warcry”

NPC’ing is free!


  • Playing: 2 Blankets, 5 Frags
  • NPC’ing: 50 Frags


For the first time ever we’re hosting this event on a brand new location. We’re lucky enough to obtain a 200 acres forest, with outhouse facilities and a non powered kitchen/tavern. We do not have access to running water so all water should be brought on site. We will also bring additional water for emergencies and water will be sold by the tavern. This weekend will have a fully functional “pay as you go” tavern, and will provide all your eating and drinking needs, should you wish it.

Camping & Fire Pits:

Players are allowed to group together and camp wherever they would like after entering game however we are establishing three specific camps capable of supporting large numbers. These communal camps have fire pits and are considered open to all for warmth and cooking. More information shortly on how sites will be divided for pre-start setup (tents).

We’ll have some more updates as we gather closer to the event. We’re all very excited to launch this epic large scale Underworld LARP game. We have players travelling from all over Canada and into the US. Our prop masters are also working on a number of props that will blow you away (maybe literally).


Unfortunately the site does not have a normal address easily plugged into a GPS. See the directions below and PRINT OUT THE GOOGLE MAP. We will have an Underworld LARP sign at the entrance.

From Downtown Toronto (137km, about 2hrs and 15min):

  • Take Gardiner Expressway west to Hwy 427. Travel north and then merge onto Highway 401 westbound and go 4.1km.
  • Take exit 344 to merge onto highway 410 toward Brampton. Travel 22.1 km
  • Continue onto Hwy 10 north (also called Hurontario St/King’s Hwy 10). Continue 48.3km.
  • Turn LEFT at King’s Hwy 89 West (signs for Shelburne/Collingwood/Owen Sound). Continue 4.1km.
  • Turn RIGHT at Route 24/County Rd-124 (signs for Collingwood/Dufferin Road). There are gas stations and coffee shops clustered around this intersection. Go 30.8km
  • Continue past the town of Singhampton. Go STRAIGHT at the stop sign onto Osprey-Clearview Line (do not follow Route 24/County Rd-124 as it turns right). Go 850m
  • Take the FIRST LEFT at 8th Line, and continue 1.8km. Look for marker #429652 on your left.
  • Turn left into the driveway and continue PAST the house and follow the driving path into the field to reach the parking lot.

GPS Users – Easiest way is to plug in Singhamton coming up from Route 24/County Rd-124. It’s a small town, very small. First left after the stop sign is 8 Line, sometimes called Road 8B Concession or 8th Concession B depending on your GPS.


Google Map: http://tinyurl.com/Solstice2012

Please stay tuned for your In Game invitation. Our guild Shapers have already begun introducing the story in your various events. Ready your Warcry!

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Factions for the Devout

Citizens of Berphaunt residing in Jericho,

Our Council of Nobles has decreed in their wisdom that there shall be two factions created; one for those who follow the paths of the Gods, and one for those who follow the paths of the Dragons. This is meant to alleviate our legal system of those who would raise the needs of their devotions to their God or Dragon to a level that would jeopardize their good standing with local law enforcement.

The Camp known as Silverwatch shall be the appointed location for those who would serve the Dragons, and the Camp known as The Monastery shall likewise harbour those who serve the Gods.

A representative shall arrive to oversee each faction and be given the rights to make residence at the appropriate camp. You shall expect them at the next holding of the Noble Court.

Each faction shall welcome any follower, regardless of which Dragon or God they choose to devote their energies to. Membership in one of these factions is certain to garner the attention of your God or Dragon, their Champions, and their teachings. We are certain you may find your way to recognition in other ways, but not with such ease as it were.

Each camp will design and provide an identifying symbol to be worn in plain sight at all times to identify their members. Members will be recorded in a ledger for all to see which will indicate their name, race, and which camp they have joined.

In order to join one of these factions, one must have the approval of at least two of our most prestigious Nobles. A public petition made in person at Noble Court must be made in order to leave a faction once joined.

It has also been decreed that the following conditions rest upon both factions in equal measure. These conditions are iron clad and are in addition or exception to the laws which fall upon every citizen or visitor to these lands whilst in Jericho or abroad.

– No member of a faction may act in an unlawful manner towards a member of the same faction.
– No member of a faction may act in an unlawful manner towards a citizen who is not a member of a faction.
– No citizen may act in an unlawful manner towards any members of either faction.
– Any member of one of these camps who is found to be concealing or not wearing their identifying symbol will be charged with the High Crime of Subverting the will of Berphaunt.

Any unlawful act of any kind may be taken by a member of either faction if and only if visited upon a member of the opposing faction.

By order of The Kingdom of Berphaunt and His Majesty King Louis
On this day May 21 in the year of 2257
Does this come to pass into Law

Addendum – Living arrangements for the Faction Camps

The Monastery and Silverwatch are to be considered the Faction Camps.

If you join a faction, you may live in the Faction Camp based on the faction you join. You are not required to live in this Faction Camp. That is your choice.

If you do not join a faction, you CANNOT permanently live in either Faction Camp. You may visit, you may spend time there, but you cannot reside there or otherwise call it home.

The Monastery and Silverwatch are going to have a protective barrier raised around them by the Conclave. This barrier will also function as a resurrection circle for anyone who has joined that specific Faction Camp. It will also function like a standard circle of power – faction members will be invested and be able to recognize non-camp members inside. This barrier will encompass the entire camp area and is intended to give Faction members a safe place to live and sleep.

Citizens of Jericho.

Now that we have gotten the camps for sanctioned combat up and running, there are a few reminders for everyone.

All members are required to ensure the camp symbols they were are large enough and easy enough to view, even from a distance.

Both camps must ensure that there are extra armbands, sashes, tabards, what have you on the off chance a member of the camp losing their symbol during a hectic battle.

Any member who loses their armband, sash, tabard, what have you, MUST get it replaced with all due haste. Any member found dallying without the symbol will face the fullest repercussions.

To further drive home the point of size: the symbol being worn and the means by which it is worn MUST be large and clear enough to be easily noticed at a distance.

Her Grace
Lady Alexandra Forbin of the Kingdom of Berphaunt
Chosen of Raze

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