Rumours for June 2257

Two human brothers traveling through town are happy to tell you the news of the world outside Jericho.

  • Cran-Zanz! have replaced FiZZ-Bop as the new in candy within Teris. FiZZ-Bop is out and Cran-Zanz! are in! They say the recipe should make its way to Jericho in a few months.
  • The Peak of healing within Maub’Dib has almost been entirely rebuilt. The fallout from the explosive catastrophe which caused the Peak of Healing to collapse has allowed a rare plant called Sparkle Flower to flourish in the region.
  • A prominent noble house within Suvant has been rumored to be searching for a lost daughter.
  • Suvant is filled with stuffy people who are to stuck up their own asses to see what is real anymore. (When asked to confirm this ‘rumor’ the brothers will claim to have visited Suvant on a lark and decided not to stay after being unable to find a bar to get drunk within)
  • There is gold to be made trolling the water and diving for wreckage between the coasts of Berphaunt and Duvain. It’s risky work but well worth the effort.
  • They’re looking to hire workers and collect slaves for the harvest in Southern Berphaunt. This year that region has been especially bountiful!
  • Tiefanue’s will seems to have grown stronger after surviving Styphon’s assault. What they have lost in life seems to have been replaced by a rampant renewal of belief in the gods of light. Believers are immigrating to the safer lands in the region in large numbers.

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