Declaration of War

Citizens of Jericho, settlement of the Kingdom of Berphaunt,

This missive is posted to provide formal notice of a declaration of war against the lands and holdings of Sir Carac Bardue, and the town known as Crucible.

As some citizens may know, a new fanatical threat to our liberties has arisen to the north of the newly annexed town of Jericho. It is the decision of the Court of King Louis, in conjunction with the Nobility of Jericho, to provide a summary of what events have lead to this decision. It is hoped that those with information or contacts in Tiefanue who wish to serve the greater good and avoid a prolonged conflict will come forth to aid our cause after taking in the facts of the situation.

Following the decimation of Tiefanue’s fighting forces by the army of the Dragon Styphon, many members of the noble class were killed, and those that remained were named sole heirs to the wealth of many houses. One such individual was Carac Bardue, formerly a knight of Tiefanue in decades passed. Selling all the land bequeathed to him, he has brought his retainers, employ, and the soldiers of his houses to lands just north of Crucible.

A chosen paladin of Roland, he believes that Tiefanue was weakened and morally bankrupted by wealth long before the conflict, and thus lacked the harsh asceticism and faith in the Light that it needed to combat what he believed was the coming darkness of Styphon’s inevitable re-awakening. Under the guise of generosity, he has been bribing farmers and fighting folk alike to rally to his cause and establish a nation where the law permits only what needs be done in Roland’s name to further his causes. His soldiers are dressed in purple and gold.

In the last few weeks, through the excellent work of your own local Guard and Magistrate’s offices, we ascertained that he had planted a so-called candidate for mayor in Crucible who promised to unite the town with his own forces. We have learned from soldiers captured by your own diligent populace that Crucible has overthrown their officials and begun amalgamating themselves with his forces and arming and armouring this new threat for a major conflict.

Berphauntian forces will remain a bulwark for the settlement of Jericho in the case of full-scale incursion. However, with mounting tensions from many directions including Duvain and parts west, it is the decision of the Court of King Louis to keep those troops in a defensive posture while the combined capable citizenry of Mea Visa, the newly annexed Galen’s Honour, and Jericho spear-head a campaign to bring down Crucible and Bardue’s Keep before it comes to a full-scale invasion.

Keep vigilant for those who would ask too many questions, or seek out those in positions of authority. The shadows and the fanatical will attempt to sway you against our Empire. There will be many who harbour doubts, but you march to war with the conviction that the freedom to follow your own path, to forge your own destiny, free of the influence of those who would strike you down for simply choosing your own beliefs, is worth fighting for.

Her Grace
Alexandra Forbin of the Kingdom of Berphaunt
Chosen of Raze

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