A Message from Berphaunt

To the numerous inhabitants of Maud’Madir and their esteemed Kingdoms,

For over three decades, our continental holdings and populaces were besieged by enemies from within.

The destruction of the Aspect of Hatred, his Undead army, and the barbaric horde that was Clan Sprawn, may have seemingly ended – but it pains me to tell you a greater threat is poised to strike at our collective homes. It is only by gathering together on neutral soil, and diplomatically resolving our differences, that we can unite as a single nation and save the lives of the many we are sworn to protect.  I come to you here, not as just a King, but also as a man who worries for the future of his people and his family.  Of our families. Despite the high standing of our military strength, with swords sheathed and hands out, we present ourselves to you to humbly request talks of peace.

We recognize that our actions in the past may be perceived by some as selfish and self-serving.  I wish to shatter that false perception.  The Empire cares only for its people, our allies and nature itself.  All we have done in the past was in efforts to save, shield and safeguard those charges. We have cast down those who would do great harm and evil in the name of furthering our causes, and the Empire has renewed itself in it’s duty to serve society and the greater good.

My Council of Advisers has evidence of a mounting threat. A threat so great that we cannot hope to survive unless we unite.  On July 10th, to July 12th, of this current year, the Empire will gladly serve as host of a summit, at our own expense, in order to facilitate talks of alliance. We have spoken with the High Elves of Suvant who have offered to us the isle of Day’ten as neutral ground.  Our own coffers will fund payment to the Skein Dominion to allow for transport.  We recognize that trust in the Empire may be low but we wish to assure you that all levels of protection that are within our means, will be put to action for your safety.  Kingdoms and independent towns are more than welcome to arrange for their own protection in addition to what we offer.

While the ambassadors and leaders of the land meet to talk politics we will entertain their entourages with a host of games in the Kings Tournament.  Any and all are welcome, regardless of station.  My master at arms will post shortly the details and prizes that can be won.

I encourage you all to speak to your leaders.  This is an opportunity to unify and move forward together towards peace and prosperity. An opportunity that has never before presented itself the history of these lands. Let us not waste it.

HRM King Louis Berphaunt


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