Summary of Events from the King’s Summit on Day’Ten

On July 10, at the behest of King Louis of Berphaunt, people from across Maud’Madir traveled to the Elven island of Day’Ten. A list of esteemed attendees can be found here: This was intended to be a peace summit, to discuss the growing threats.

On the first night, the opening was interrupted by a group of local Orcs, who demanded to know why they had not been invited to this summit. The royal attendees and ambassadors were escorted away under cover of darkness as ordinary folk raised their weapons to defend them.

Progress was made on the second day. As people from different nations met and mingled, the King of Berphaunt announced various competitions and entertainment for the common folk, from tests of strength and skill to treasure hunts. The day ended with a play put on for the people to enjoy, as commissioned by Lady Alexandra Forbin, the Lady of Jericho.

However, the day was marred by frequent interruptions with the Brood, a burrowing hive mind species that attacked the people. Sad news came from Wood Fae refugees from the island of Melinda, who had just fled the destruction of their home from these new and more powerful Brood.

On the third day people gathered to hear the King of Berphaunt declare his kingdom now an empire, taking on the title of Emperor of Berphaunt. This worried the delegations from Estlemere and Tiefenue, but was challenged by a surviving Orc. They went to the arena to battle to the death, and when the new Emperor nearly fell, he channeled the power of Shiloth, the Shadow Dragon, revealing his status a Dragon Knight and winning him the battle.

This came at a severe diplomatic cost, though. The Prince of Tiefenue was disgusted by the Emperor’s bid for power, while the Western Nations, known to be hostile to Dragon worship, prepared to attack the heretic ruler. A clash was inevitable until Raldimar, the Wild Elf representative, rushed in, ordering the people to set aside their petty fight and leave, as Day’Ten had become infested with Brood over the weekend and Suvant, at that very moment, was arranging to bomb the island. Everyone was hastily ushered away by Skein Gate or boat, although reports came in that a seafaring Brood interrupted that passage.

Taking advantage of Suvant’s distraction and Berphaunt’s decision to assist the High Elves, the forces of Crucible, who had been waging war with Berphaunt, joined the Western Nations. Together they sacked the town of Mea Visa. Only two weeks’ distance from Jericho, Berphaunt has ordered its people to prepare to defend themselves…


Military Update on Crucible

Citizens of Jericho,

I regret to inform you that following the Emperor’s summit, Crucible was welcomed into the fold of Western Nations that have turned their back on the Empire. Dignitaries they sent to the summit returned to their town with supplies and bolstered numbers, and taking advantage of Berphaunt’s decision to commit many of her forces in helping Suvant defend Day’ten, sacked the town of Mea Visa on Saturday the 18th of the month. They suffered heavy casualties in doing so.

Our martial forces in the area are diverting, and with the help of Antioch and Galen’s Honour, we move to retake the town. We do not anticipate this will be a protracted siege. In the interim, the citizens of Jericho will be expected and called upon to assist in the defense of the area, and their town in coming weeks.

This turn of events should bring into sharp focus our objectives here. With the Empire committed to pushing back the brood, it will fall to our command and our settlements to get our houses in order, and see to it that the threat the Western Nations pose to us here is eliminated before we are called upon to face the larger threat when it arrives. The time for wavering, or moral quandaries about the nature of conducting a war has come to a close. We will act with hardened resolve and ruthless efficacy, knowing we work for the greater good, to ensure the survival of every living soul on the continent.

Long live the Emperor
Long live the Empire

– Corporal Hawkins

Rumours for July 2257

International News

  • There appear to be an unprecedented number of Wood Fey Bands traveling together. They seem to be rather skittish keeping away form populated centers and avoiding peoples from other races.
  • Chocolate Covered Cran-Zanz! This is a thing now and everybody is loving it.
  • The Avian people are proud to announce that the Peak of healing within Maub’Dib has been completely repaired and even expanded upon. Sparkle Flowers continue to flourish in the region and are even becoming a bit a nuisance as their bright petals cause eye irritations when exposed to for a long enough period of time. The keepers of the Peak seem to want to keep them around though as they are quite astounding to behold.
  • The civil war to the North appears to have intensified now that there are definable sides fighting against each other. The Fenricks and the Hunhills appear to be in all out war and the country is divided in half fighting on either side.
  • The latest fashion trend in Gerdain is to tie yellow bows into the beard. This is to represent gold and the inherent wealth the individual dwarf has. The more bows the wealthier. To be caught wearing more bows than your economic standing warrants is a huge social faux-pas.
  • Styphon continues to slumber. His vast forces are engaged in faction fighting. They appear to be losing when coming in conflict with the forces of Tiefanue.

Local News

  • Thanks to recent increase in Berphauntian patrols of the farms, some farmers are expecting a much larger yield of crops.
  • Is Jericho the best place to get Hobling Herb? I know a guy that says they are. Neighbouring villages are complaining that their stock is lack luster in comparison… Wonder what local merchant guilds might be up to.
  • “Has anyone seen my dog?” Many farmers outside of Jericho seem to be going through their fair share of mutts, especially the bitches.
  • The Conclave reports that their treatment for the Ley Line Issues appears to be effective. They will continue on with their procedures and are aiming to have the problem resolved by late Fall.