WARCRY – Pig Roast!

An annual summer tradition at Jericho is the great pig roast. A whole pig and roaster is acquired by the tavern and carefully prepared all day, so that by dinner the entire site smells of delicious roast pig.

The pig roast, however, is quite costly to arrange, and the tavern needs to put a deposit and guarantee that plates of pig, potato and coleslaw will be bought and consumed; no one wins when there’s a pile of uneaten food left over.

There are over 200 prelogged for the upcoming WARCRY game. For the pig roast to happen, at least 60 people must send $10 to the tavern before Wednesday morning (Toronto time) so they have time to rent and acquire the goods. If they cannot get enough interest, they will cancel the pig roast.

We’re at 15 prepaid, with another half-dozen saying “ooh I’m interested”.

Saying “I’m in”, expressing interest, or wanting to send money but you can’t, doesn’t help the tavern. They need the money first so they know people will be eating it. It costs several hundred dollars to acquire, rent and bring the roast materials. This is an expensive risk based on “mmm maybe”.

Assuming that you have no dietary limitations, the pig roast is FANTASTIC. It is a LOT of meat and other food for $10, and there is usually enough for seconds and thirds. I am a tiny eater and am splitting a plate with someone.

For more information see this post: http://underworldlarp.com/forum/thread-91-post-475.html

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