Site Rules for Warcry – with bonus Elaine commentary!

1) No open flame anywhere other than a pre-approved fire pit. There are 3 firepits usable by players. They will be marked on your map. You CANNOT build more.

We’re going to be playing in a forest, where it’s easy for something to go unseen for hours or days. This includes, say, a smouldering match that happens to be lying in a pile of dried leaves and wood. Everyone is human and you can never be too careful – it’s safer to ban it outright instead of hoping everyone is 100% on top of their safety.

2) Smoking is permitted at fire pits or with marshal approval. This might occur if you’re waiting a long time at a mod location, for a mod to start. All butts must be tossed into the fire or field stripped.

Smoking happens, we’re adults, they’ve made their life choice. Cigarettes contain non-biodegradable parts and toxins, and smokers are HIGHLY encouraged (if not downright required) to carry around a bag or container for their used cigarettes. If you can’t be responsible enough to clean up after your own mess, then don’t smoke.

Instructions on how to field strip here:

3) Consumption of alcohol and/or illegal drug are not permitted on site.

We are playing simulated combat. You can be the most competent drunk or drugged-up person, but it WILL impair your judgment. This is a huge liability issue for the owners, and if found not in your best mental faculties, you will be escorted off site.

4) No fireworks or pyrotechnics are allowed unless approved by David or Ted.

Do I really have to explain this.

5) There are designated outhouses throughout the site. Please use it if you need to go and for the love of Kael keep it clean. Do not put water bottles, garbage or anything that isn’t instantly biodegradable in the hole. Use the provided garbage bags. This includes sanitary napkins.

Common sense, people. We are all responsible for garbage – no one is responsible for picking up after you. If you think your left behind products are disgusting, think of the next stranger who uses the outhouse and receives an unpleasant surprise.

6 ) Respect the land. Help remove garbage, deadwood and large rocks from paths if you see it.

Once again, no one is responsible for picking up after you. Many players carry around a spare bag to gather extra garbage. Please do your part to keep things clean.

7) If you see trespassers inform them this is private property. If they do not leave, then find a member of management. Do not become aggressive.

It happens. Please tell Dave or Ted where you found them and they will do the escorting.

8) All the farm buildings are off limits (barn, paddocks and the house).

For the Jericho property especially, the land is rented from an owner, and those buildings are private property and not included in the game. Don’t go near them.

9) All food not eaten and food wrappers should be burned if not being kept. Do not feed any animals or leave food for the animals to be attracted too. Bones of any sort cannot be left behind in the fire or discarded in the woods. When in doubt, throw it in the garbage.

THERE. ARE. ANIMALS. Any food left behind attracts some kind of animal, from ants to coyotes (which is downright terrifying), and that animal may come for your tent, or get aggressive to the next human for not feeding them. Do not create a problem for us. Please.

10) All garbage that cannot be burned in the fire (ie: pop bottles, cans, glass bottles, bottle caps plastic and metal) can be put in trash bags. Recycling bags will also be provided to dispose of recyclable material.

Bring a bag with you. Set aside space for your stuff. You brought it with you, you take it back with you.

11) All coolers and food should be kept in one location away from your tent when not being used. Be critter smart..

Again, food attracts animals, and you can’t be around your sleeping tent all the time. If finding a hole in your tent kind of sucks, imagine if it had been destroyed, or potentially-bio-hazardous animal leavings were left behind, or you found animals in there.

12) Parking is provided. Cars may drive on site before game starts and after game ends. If you arrive late you will be forced to lug your gear from the parking lot. Cars will not be allowed on site after game has started Friday night. REDUCE SPEED when driving into the site. Animals are a plenty!

You have lots of time to get on site before game starts, so use that time to truck your things over closer (unless you like heavy lifting? I don’t know?). During game though having cars drive around site isn’t just distracting from the game world, it’s downright dangerous with people and their stuff everywhere. If you can’t get to site early enough to set up but don’t want to carry anything in, find a friend to bring your things for you.

13) You may enter the site early on Friday with permission but do not build fires until there is a member of management on the premises. All players must vacate the property by 5pm on end day unless given express permission to stay.

Dave and Ted, as management, must be the last people to leave. Don’t make them stay longer than they don’t want to.

14) Use your common sense. Borrow somebody else’s if you can’t find it.

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