Underworld LARP Jericho Presents: By Hook or by Crook

With the dramatic events that occurred at Day’ten behind us, it’s time to return our attention to Jericho.

Although the future of the world map as we might know it might be in question, those heavy thoughts must be pushed aside to attend to local concerns, not to mention personal ones.

Conflict between Jericho and Crucible continues to escalate. Give and take on the battlefield lends both sides to consider tactics outside of it. Propaganda and skulduggery become new tools in the arsenal. Often the victory in conflict is the side willing to go to further extremes. With Jericho’s new government in place, does a moral line in the sand still exist? As resistance increases so do the odds of revolt. And what of these rumoured sightings of the Citadel on Jericho’s borders? Jericho will clear their territory of this insurgency for the new Emperor, by hook or by crook.

The ley lines appear to be stable – for now – thanks to a ritual bypass created with the help of the mage’s guild. The Conclave has a new task for the guild, coming from Berphaunt itself. Will it be a stand up fight or just another bug hunt, sir?

On top of that, the Adventurer’s guild and RECs have been waiting for the travelers to Day’ten to return. House Malvein continues to spread its influence and the full moon is expected to blaze down upon Jericho all weekend long. With Lady Forbin away all weekend and Lord Huello in charge, the Noble Court should be … interesting. Champions of both light and dark are emerging within Jericho’s population as they complete their trials. How long will they continue to hold their blades for the sake of unity against a common enemy?

And speaking of powder-kegs, does anyone remember what happened to that bomb..?

Welcome to the 4th weekend event of our 2015 summer season. Halfway through already! This event marks the first of two back to back 4-day events. This event will run from Friday like normal (gates open 6pm, game starts at 10pm) until Monday 2pm. Experience is doubled, as is the frag amounts for both shapers and NPCs. Please note the slight increase in price due to the extra day.

Please – pace yourself! 4 day events in August can be quite warm. The shapers will have a lot for you to do every day but they will intentionally spread out high energy plotlines during the hottest times of the day. You will notice a pacing change until sundown. Be sure that you stay cool, drink lots of water and be sure to eat to keep your energy going. Doing so will ensure that you have a great event from start to finish. Remember that we have a swimming hole to cool off and get clean. If you’re a new player ask at logistics for its location.

Neither Dave nor I (Ted) will be on site on the Friday. Tom (Hawke) will be acting as our general manager while we’re away and will remain at logistics until it closes. Constantine will be in charge of NPC camp. If there are any issues, please direct your attention to either of them. Dave will be arriving on site on the Saturday and I will return next event. My plotlines will be given to Weasel and Jimmy to handle, they can answer any questions you might have.

There will be a small camera crew on site on the Saturday to film a single battle. Dave will be handling that, if you have questions please contact him.

We have 4 days of LARPing packed with personal plotlines and town adventures. We expect lots for your characters to see and do, and an extra day to do it all. See you in Jericho!

Date: Friday July 31 to Monday Aug 3rd (4 day Full Moon!)
On Site Logistics Opens: Friday 6:00PM
Event Start: Friday 10:00PM
Event End: Monday 2PM

$55 with Prelog & Prepay
$60 with Prelog & Pay at site
$65 with No Prelog & Pay at site

Experience earned: 2 CP Blankets of Experience

Location: Majik Morn Farm, 761 Fleetwood Rd, Janetville Ontario

Map can be found here http://tinyurl.com/43mlag6

Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/events/126617821009409/

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